Is BJJ Dangerous For The Human Body?

BJJ is one of the most intense and complex forms of martial arts right now. It is a method that has been derived from the traditional Japanese style Jiu-Jitsu however, it is not as intense as the traditional form. It is known as human chess because you are technically using your mind and body to work on the other individual. It is more than just a simple strategy making because you are working on ways to improve work against the things that your opponent has. You need to work away to manipulate your opponent and then use different maneuvers to acquire submission. The one who acquires the submission first gets to win the game. Commonly BJJ is known as the gentle art however, people are using that to mock BJJ more than to define it.

With the help of this article, we will mainly talk about the way BJJ impacts our bodies. More people are getting concerned that BJJ makes people violent while others feel maybe BJJ is not the best option for their kids. We will also discuss how BJJ can be dangerous and how it can benefit you.

How BJJ Impacts The Body?

Most people think that BJJ is all about injury and it can make you bleed on the first go. However, that is not true. You need to set your priorities straight and your BJJ practice will help you along. One of the best ways BJJ helps people is through weight loss. According to professional BJJ athletes, people who practice BJJ see a major weight loss in the first three months. It is your body responding to intense weight loss. If you have belly fat you will see that vanish in no time. Apart from this, it improves body strength and endurance. People who feel shortness of breath or related issues can start their BJJ journey and they will see a remarkable improvement in strength and endurance. Even BJJ helps with working for hours without getting tired.

Is It Dangerous For The Body?

There is no exact answer to this question. This is because BJJ is a complex game and you need to look at the positive and negative aspects of it. If you look at the negative impact you will see a lot of people facing issues regarding injuries and even the mat practice can cause skin infection because sometimes mats have fungal issues that are contagious. However, it is all about precautions. If you stay clean, hydrated, and follow all the precautions you can simply avoid the injury.

If we look at the positive side, your body is getting very stronger. This means that with time you will not face injury instead your body response will be much better in this case. If we compare a normal individual with someone who has been practicing for BJJ we will see that they have better strength.

How to Minimize the Chance of Injury?

Most people think that with BJJ you cannot avoid injury. This misconception is mainly because people think you are close to the opponent and it is up to him to decide if he wants to go easy on you. The main idea of prevention of injury works for all other combat-based games as well. Three main steps can help you prevent the injury or sort it in case the injury takes place.

  • The first step is the warm session. Most of the BJJ injuries happen because your body is not ready for an intense workout. As a result, you will face muscle training and if you overwork, this will result in the form of injury. So you need to make sure that every workout session starts with a simple warm-up.
  • The second step is to wear protective gear. These gears will help you protect the most vulnerable body parts and give you the leverage by reducing the pain when the opponent strikes. You can use head gear to reduce the likelihood of concussion and also use knee pads and soft sole shoes.
  • The third step is something that you need to take care of even when you are practicing because sometimes the injury doesn’t result because of the strike but because you are testing the limitations of your body. So try to give your body enough time to heal and do not overwork your body.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, no game in this world is not as dangerous as BJJ even in simple games like cricket, people get hit by a ball all the time but there is a medic nearby who can help you sort out the injury. However, your main focus needs to be on prevention so that you can avoid any possible injury. For injury prevention, you need to not only be conscious about the way you are fighting but also take care of all the gears that can help you. From simple fighting vests to knee pads and headgears you should wear them all. Overall, BJJ is a game of mind and body control so if you lose the grip over any of it, you will have consequences eventually.

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