Restore Your Periodontal Health With Soft Tissue Graft Surgery in New York

Proper dental health is essential in maintaining your smile and high self-esteem. With that said, if you have receding gums, you might have an increased chance of experiencing further gum damage or even lose your teeth. Fortunately, the experienced team at East Village Dental Center offers effective soft tissue graft surgery to cover your exposed tooth roots and prevent you from losing the tooth completely. Although it might seem like an elective cosmetic fix, the results have significant benefits for your general oral health. For more inquiries about soft tissue graft in New York, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What Exactly Is a Soft Tissue Graft?

A soft tissue graft refers to a periodontal procedure that your dentist might recommend if you have exposed tooth roots. If you notice that your teeth appear to be longer than normal, it is an indication that your gums are receding. Undertaking soft tissue graft surgery helps to cover the exposed tooth roots. During the soft tissue graft surgery, the dentist takes a sample of gum tissues from your mouth’s roof. They sterilize and treat the tissue to minimize the chances of being rejected from its new position or having an infection.

In the meantime, the dentists make an incision in your gums near the exposed tooth root. They then place the prepared tissue graft to cover the exposed root. They will then stitch it into the new position, where it attaches to the gum tissue and the tooth to restore periodontal health.

Why Should You Require a Soft Tissue Graft?

You may require a soft tissue graft if your gum line is receding and your teeth roots are becoming exposed. Receding gums serve as an indication that you have lost some bone around the tooth. If the process goes on without the intervention of a dentist, you will keep losing the bone, and the teeth might even fall out eventually. Although not all people with receding gums opt to undertake a soft tissue graft surgery, the procedure decreases your chances of losing your teeth and damaging your gums further. Additionally, soft tissue graft surgery makes your teeth look more uniform, giving you a more enhanced and elegant smile.

How Should You Prepare For a Soft Tissue Graft Surgery?

If your teeth are starting to appear longer because of receding gums, your dentist might recommend that you get soft tissue graft surgery. To prepare for the procedure, the dentist recommends that you:

  •         Make changes to your diet.
  •         Make arrangements for a ride back home.
  •         Do not eat on the day of the procedure.
  •         Ask any questions concerning the procedure.

The procedure does not take very long, and you will go back home immediately after the surgery. However, you should consider taking the rest of the day off your normal daily activities.

In conclusion, a soft tissue graft might benefit your oral health and restore your smile. Call or schedule an appointment online with East Village Dental Center today to get started with the procedure in and around New York.

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