Gynecologic Surgery, Is It Worth It? All You Need to Know

As an adult female, your reproductive health is an essential element of your total physical health. When gynecology issues such as heavy uterine bleeding, pelvic pain, or abnormal pap smear arise, they should be treated promptly and effectively. Fortunately, most disorders can be treated with medication or by changing one’s lifestyle. However, a minimally invasive technique or traditional surgery such as gynecologic surgery may be required to avoid central women’s health concerns. The surgery helps in the prevention of serious women’s health complications.

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What Are Gynecologic Surgeries?

Gynecologic surgeries are surgeries performed on the female reproductive system targeting gynecological issues or offering permanent birth control.

The specialists offer tiny incisions to optimize healing and reduce pain and recovery time.

Why Gynecologic Surgery?

The surgery is beneficial in treating several health conditions related to women. These conditions may include:

  •         Abdominal adhesions
  •         Infertility issues
  •         Cancerous growths
  •         Abnormal uterine bleeding
  •         Pelvic related problems
  •         Uterine fibroids
  •         Endometriosis
  •         Pelvic pains
  •         Ovarian cysts
  •         Urinary incontinence

Types of Gynecologic Surgeries

There are various types of gynecologic surgery, which include:

  •       Hysteroscopy- A diagnostic procedure that is used to find problems related to the uterus.
  •       Colporrhaphy- A surgical procedure used in repairing defects in the walls of the vagina.
  •         Colposcopy- A diagnostic technique that allows your physician to examine your cervix, vagina, and vulva in greater depth to help diagnose disorders identified by a Pap smear.
  •       Dilation and Curettage (D and C)- A surgery that involves removing tissue from the uterus. It can also be used to stop heavy bleeding or remove tissue from the uterus following a miscarriage.
  •       Endometrial Biopsy- A procedure in which a tiny portion of your uterine wall is extracted to allow your doctor to assess it and identify if your uterus has any issues.
  •         Hysterectomy- A procedure for removing the uterus from the body. Uterine cancer, fibroid tumors, and endometriosis are all treated with it.

How Do You Prepare for Gynecologic Surgery?

Each surgery is different, and you should liaise with your physician to determine which gynecologic you should go through. The type of surgery you undergo depends on your gynecological issue.

How Is Gynecologic Surgery Done?

Many gynecologic operations are performed laparoscopically. It implies the doctor performs the surgery using a laparoscope, which allows the doctor to see inside the body and do the procedure without having to open it up. The incisions (cuts) used in laparoscopic surgery are substantially smaller than those used in open surgery. Recovery time is usually shorter, and the danger of infection is minimal.

What Are the Risks or Side Effects of Gynecologic Surgeries?

The side effects and complications of gynecologic surgery depend on the type of surgery you undergo. Some of the risks include:

  •         Excessive bleeding.
  •         Blood clotting.
  •         Belly pain and pressure after surgery.
  •         Pain with sexual intercourse.
  •         Uterine perforation or damage of uterus walls.
  •         Damage to nearby body parts like the bowel.
  •         Urinary tract infection.
  •         Damage of urinary tract causing incontinence.
  •         Temporary difficulty with going to the bathroom.
  •         Allergic reaction to anesthesia.
  •         Nausea and vomiting after surgery.
  •         Infection.

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