An Ultimate Guide to Successful Pregnancies and Deliveries in Las Vegas

Each woman desires to pass the gift of life and keep the family tree alive in the childbearing years. Unfortunately, conditions like cervical insufficiency can limit your chances of successful delivery. You may visit Dr. Darin Swainston for comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and continuous cervical incompetence/insufficiency management in Las Vegas. Dr. Swainston offers minimally invasive procedures to rectify cervical incontinence to avoid preterm birth.

What is an Incompetent Cervix?

A healthy cervix is tightly closed during pregnancy and starts opening as the due date draws near. If you have cervical incompetence or insufficiency, the fetus’ weight prompts your cervix to open between the 16th and 24th week of gestation, making you lose a pregnancy in the second trimester.

How Common are Cases of Incompetent Cervices?

The incompetent cervix is relatively uncommon but slightly devastating for the affected patients. After pregnancy loss resulting from an incompetent cervix, most women desist from having children, limiting the approximation of women affected by the condition.

Causes of Cervical Incompetence/Cervical Insufficiency

In most cases, cervical incompetence results from congenital disabilities.

Other risk factors include a previous dilation and curettage (D & C), cold knife conization, and LEEP procedures, improving the risk of cervical incompetence.

Diagnosis of Cervical Incompetence

Dr. Swainston can skillfully discover cervical insufficiency after a second-trimester loss. If you are at a higher risk or have a known case of incompetence, the doctor will closely monitor via ultrasound through the first and second trimesters.

A perinatologist considers the specifics of your condition to determine your qualification for abdominal cerclage before pregnancy or during the first trimester.

Treatments Options for Abdominal Insufficiency

If vaginal cerclage failed during your previous pregnancy, you might benefit from a transabdominal cerclage to handle your case of cervical incompetence. The transabdominal cerclage is inserted near the top of your cervix by laparoscopic incisions in the abdomen. By making these small incisions, it prevents the cervix from opening earlier.

The inserted cerclage stays through your pregnancy, with the possibility of protecting you in future pregnancies. If you have a cerclage insert, your child is born through a Cesarean section.

If you discover cervical insufficiency earlier, Dr. Swainston can perform a cerclage before conception. Inserting the cerclage before you are pregnant improves the chances of a successful pregnancy. By undergoing surgery in the first trimester, women with a history of loss in the second trimester can prevent future miscarriages.

Why Should I Consider Robotic-Assisted Surgery for Cervical Incontinence?

Robotic-assisted surgery has gained more popularity over the last decade. The minimally invasive procedure is effective in treating cervical incontinence to prevent preterm birth. After your robotic-assisted surgery, your cervical incompetence improves dramatically to ensure that you have a better life and higher chances of motherhood.

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Final Thoughts

Dr. Swainston applies the experience of over twenty years in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical incontinence. If you are around Las Vegas, Nevada, contact Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, GYN Robotic Surgery to improve your chances of a successful pregnancy.

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