What Exactly Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the treatment of an injury, disease or deformity. Physical therapy treats these health conditions various ways such as with a massage, exercise and heat treatment. In addition, physical therapy takes care of these conditions with therapy instead of surgery or drugs. Find out about the benefits of physical therapy centreville va.

What Are the Types of Physical Therapy?

There are five practice areas of physical therapy. Orthopedic physical therapy works on restoring function to tendons, joints, ligaments and bones. Treatments often include strength training, stretching, endurance exercises, ultrasound and hot and cold packs.

Additional Types of Physical Therapy

Another type is geriatric physical therapy. This therapy focuses on the needs of older adults. This therapy treats conditions like cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and balance disorder. The goal of this therapy is to help with mobility, lessen pain and enhance a person’s physical state.

Neurological Physical Therapy

This kind of physical therapy zeros in on conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease and stroke. Cardiopulmonary therapy helps those who suffer from heart conditions such as heart attacks, pulmonary fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

What Is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Pediatric physical therapy provides therapy to toddlers, children and adolescents. Children who suffer from birth defects, acute injuries, acute injury, head trauma and orthopedic disabilities receive help and support from pediatric physical therapy.

Tips to Find a Good Physical Therapist

One of the best ways to find a good physical therapist is from your doctor. He or she could give you a recommendation to a therapist. Often a doctor hears talk from patients on who is good in the field of physical therapy. He or she could also give you a referral to a physical therapist.

Other Tips to Find a Good Physical Therapist

Perhaps a trusted neighbor, friend or coworker could help? One other way that some have found helpful is online websites. On some websites certified therapists are reviewed, as well as therapy techniques.

Characteristics of a Good Physical Therapist

Besides having the qualities and aptitudes of a good therapist, a good therapist should also be humble, patient, positive, well-credentialed, experienced, accountable, involved in professional associations, willing to do home visits, confident and competent.

These traits are important because patients need and want someone who cares about their health and well-being and will perform services that bring about better health.
Keep in mind; a good physical therapist should listen to your concerns and needs, should be inquisitive and be creative in helping you with your individual needs and concerns.

Symptoms and Signs You May Need Physical Therapy

You may want to talk with your doctor about physical therapy, especially if you have symptoms such as sharp or lingering pain, have suffered from an injury or trauma or find that pain medication is ineffective. Another symptom may be noticeable physical changes in your body. To conclude, find out more about the many benefits of physical therapy from your doctor today.

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