A Brief On Mental Health Care Technology And Devices

Although mental health technology as a term has been coined a few years ago, it still needs the proper exposure in order to be implemented successfully.

Mental health is as much important as the physical health. However, many of us ignore the importance of the former in our daily lives. While mental health has not gained much attention, it can offer amazing benefits with telemedicines technology that is booming in the healthcare sector. Mental health has not been discovered to its core and that is why it holds immense possibilities for offering exceptional benefits in the health sector domain.


Mental health services have a unique nature of their own and that is why it seems difficult for health practitioners to develop technology that could successfully help create measurable and positive outcomes. However, the good news is technology is advancing like never before helping companies to innovate this space like never before. This very innovative concept holds immense importance to offer exceptional offering in the healthcare domain.


The number of people having mental disorder is increasing everyday. Although there are top measures available for such patients but utilization of innovative technology in mental healthcare could offer better ways to be practiced by healthcare professionals. To offer the due advantages to the patients, a number of companies are providing creative solution to treat mental health issues. Here are top devices that offer similar services for the betterment of the patients.


Fisher Wallace Stimulator

Fisher Wallace Stimulator is one of the best devices that is FDA approved. This neurostimulation device is designed to help patients in the treatment of depression, anxiety, as well as insomnia. The device has also remained successful in treating patients having bipolar conditions. The headband-like device gently stimulates the brain. The device operates after you wear it over your temples in order to stimulate the brain to release serotonin and dopamine as well. These chemicals are known to reduce stress and increase the feeling of happiness. The device is extremely easy to use while you are doing other tasks. You just need to wear the headband to get the benefits.



Pala-linq is a mobile app having wearable and web components that are a great help to those fighting from drug or alcohol addiction. The device works by tracking mind, body and spiritual activity level of an individual in order to keep the recovery goals on track. Pala-linq works on the notion, “opposite of addiction is connection” in order to leverage the technology to keep the users connected to their support system. It helps them recover fast and remain on the track.



Spire is a wearable technology that detects emotions including breathing patterns and physiological signs that help detect how users are feeling. As soon as an emotion is detected, the device sends notification to users’ phone along with the suggestions that help improve their moods. The device can easily be clipped at any part of the cloth. The device helps reduce the stress level by up to 50%. Chronic stress impacts the immune system and lead to abnormal functioning of digestive system and reproductive system as well. But technology like Spire helps users to relax easily. The device doesn’t have side effects and thus comes as a healthier option for the users that they can opt for.



Pacifica is another mobile application that is self-help resource for patients having anxiety. Patients having anxiety issues must be treated with care and apps like Pacifica help individuals remain healthy. The app uses terapeutic technology to help people calm down their anxiety levels. The app uses the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy to help users achieve active results to combat anxiety and improve their overall well being. Pacifica engages users with the relaxation tips to get to the goal easily. Due to similar reason, the app is one exceptional to combat anxiety.


The Upshot

These are some of the most important devices that are helping health professionals to provide exceptional services to patients having mental health concerns. As the mental healthcare domain has not been explored to its core, these devices are helping health professionals to extend their extent of research to offer better services to the patients. And, with the ongoing research, it has now become possible to calm patients with the excellent devices that have been briefed here with their benefits. Moreover, ongoing research is sure to offer a bunch of benefits to the users in the future.

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