Shoulder Specialists for Troublesome Shoulder Injuries

Shoulders help you accomplish many activities in and out of your home. Think about it; you cannot reach the top shelves to retrieve something with a shoulder injury. Shoulders play a crucial role in your wellbeing, which is why you need the help of an orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon in La Jolla to make sure your shoulders function properly. A team led by Kristopher Downing, MD has what it takes to help you achieve 100% functionality with your shoulders.

What are the most common shoulder issues?

Shoulders move with you, and even the slightest movement of your body involves your shoulders. Your bones help in the shoulders’ movement with a complex network of structures that include the tendons. Tendons are the structure that helps in flexibility, giving you the ability to twist and turn. However, the importance of these organs makes them susceptible to injuries such as:

  • Fractures
  • Instability
  • Arthritis
  • Impingement
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Rotator cuff tears

Sports also help advance acute shoulder injuries, or in other circumstances you may fracture your shoulder through an automobile collision. As you grow older, repetitive motions using your shoulders also make you susceptible to shoulder injuries. Shoulder issues create many unsuitable sensations, such as limited mobility or pain. Weaknesses, numbness, and tingling sensations are also major pointers to shoulder issues.

Upper Extremity Specialists have what it takes to make your shoulder usable again. The center diagnoses and treats a wide range of shoulder issues that might be crippling you.

Treatment of Shoulder Injuries

Your doctor at Upper Extremity Specialists will use your medical history to present a suitable treatment plan. Acute and degeneration symptoms are the most problematic issues that the center strives to solve. You will also enjoy some minimally invasive procedures to speed up your healing time and avoid complications and risks associated with surgeries. Treatment options available for shoulder issues include:

  • Partial or full shoulder replacements
  • Reparative orthopedics
  • Medications
  • Anti-inflammatory injections
  • Compression and mobilization
  • Shoulder instability procedures
  • Cuff repairs

What to Expect After a Shoulder Procedure

Many shoulder procedures go without a hitch. However, you will expect mild side effects such as discomforts and swelling for several weeks. You can remedy some side effects by the application of ice to control swelling and some pain. When applying ice, alternate the ice on and off the affected area every 20 minutes.

Most shoulder procedures have different side effects, and you will have to speak to your doctor to understand the specific side effects. Consequently, some shoulder procedures will prevent you from lying down normally and you will have to use a recliner. Additionally, after shoulder surgery, you have to take care of the incision points when showering. Contact with water can affect your projected healing time.

Immediately deal with that shoulder pain with a visit to Upper Extremity Specialists. Their modern diagnostic and treatment methods will help you rediscover your pain-free days. Book your appointment online to embark on your journey to healing.

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