Why That Back or Neck Pain May Affect Your Spine Health

If you have had a car accident, suffered an injury when playing, or from a fall, you should book an appointment with your doctor. Even when you do not feel any pain, you should not assume you don’t have a spinal fracture. Such a fracture can be debilitating and cause pain while you are carrying out your normal activities. If you have suffered spinal fractures in Mesa, Kirk Minkus and his team are ready to give you a lifelong solution using minimally invasive procedures.

How do I know I have a spinal fracture?

The main indication of a spinal fracture is back pain which may begin slowly and worsen as time goes by. Nevertheless, you should consult your doctor about any pain you develop, no matter how it occurred. While experiencing back pain, other indications include:

  • A worsening pain, especially when you walk or stand but reduces when you rest.
  • Difficulty in bending or moving
  • A spinal fracture can lead to the collapse of bones, leading to the loss of height. Therefore, it is vital to monitor your height, have regular check-ups, and consult your specialist in case of any changes.
  • The spinal fracture causes the collapse of bones hence changes of posture; therefore, any change of posture should sign that you need to visit your doctor.

How are spinal fractures diagnosed?

When you visit your doctor for a spinal fracture, they will first do a physical examination. They may ask you about your medical history and how the injury occurred. The specialist may also ask how long the injury has lasted. You may also be asked about past injuries, surgeries, and any medical conditions such as difficulty controlling the bowels or bladder and loss of sensation either in the legs or arms. The specialist will test your sensation, strength, and reflexes. Your doctor may then conduct other tests using an X-ray machine and the Computed Tomography (CT) scan. The specialist will use an x-ray machine to check if there is any dislocation, infection that can damage the spine or fracture in the neck or back. A CT scan is used to check your spine’s images and identify any injuries not captured by the X-ray. Magnetic Resonance Imaging may also be used further to check for damages; this device is more advanced in assessing the spinal cord’s soft tissues.

Recovery after spinal fractures

A spinal fracture is a painful experience, and after undergoing treatment by your doctor, it is vital to ensure a good recovery time. It may take longer to recover; lack of surgery can take 6 to 12 weeks. Despite this, it is vital to ensure that your recovery journey is smooth; therefore, follow your doctor’s instructions. You may be required to have a back brace, and your doctor may recommend routine exercise. Do the activities only when the doctor approves since spinal injuries are dangerous and can forever immobilize you if you take a wrong move. Talk to your doctor in case of any back or neck pain to determine whether it is a spinal fracture.

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