How to Enhance Your Fertility Naturally and Be Blessed With a Baby

Having a baby is a blessing and every one of us feels incomplete without a child. Every couple dreams of starting a family after a few years. Some are lucky enough to get pregnant without much effort while others may have to wait for some time before they become proud parents. If you are one of those couples who have been trying hard to conceive, you must follow a certain regime before contacting any infertility center to receive treatment. These days, various advanced treatment options are available for people. Even, Santa Monica LGBTQ fertility options are also available for same-sex couples.  Below mentioned are a few natural ways to enhance your fertility:

Know Your Body’s Timing

If you are planning to have a baby, you must plan intercourse at the right time. The most fertile days of the month are 12-14 days after the period in a female. It is suggested to utilize this time and perform sexual activities on these days. It will increase your chances of getting pregnant to a great extent. If your periods are not regular, you can buy an ovulation kit to determine your days and plan accordingly. 

Balanced Diet and Fertility

What we eat affects our bodies magically. If you want to get pregnant, your hormones should be balanced. A balanced and healthy diet triggers the healthy hormones in your body, which helps you get pregnant in the quickest possible manner. It is highly recommended to include eggs, fruits, juices, and fresh vegetables in your daily diet. Apart from this, you must get in touch with your healthcare provider who may give you certain supplements, which cure any deficiency in your body. Both men and women must avoid fast food, processed food, and sugar to avoid any unbalancing of hormones.


You cannot gain a healthy mind and body without performing exercises. It is suggested to perform a few of them in the morning such as morning walks, running, jogging, and Yoga. These physical activities can relax your mind and keep various medical conditions under control. All of these factors can enhance the natural fertility in males and females. Overexerting can also lead to infertility. That’s why it is highly recommended to perform these activities for about 30-40 minutes on a daily basis. 

By being healthy, you will also give birth to a healthy baby. If your mind is healthy, the baby is going to be a happy child.

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