How to Choose Electric Bike Racks for Cargo

Electric bikes are awesome for commuting to and from work, but they are also ideal for taking on adventures with you. When you plan a trip or vacation, you can easily bring your bike along and enjoy some trails or riding wherever you go. 

You just need to check out electric bike racks for cargo and choose one that will work for your needs. Before you head out to buy one of these racks, be sure to take some time to consider the details. 

Check out these tips to help you choose! 

Avoid Lifting

If you’ve ever tried to lift an electric bike, you know that they can be a little bit heavy. It’s not just that they are heavy, but they are also bulky and awkward to lift. This means that lifting them up onto a cargo rack to take along can be a chore. 

The great news is that there are tons of electric bike racks out there that don’t require you to do any lifting. Don’t try to strain yourself or struggle to get your bike loaded. Instead, use a lift that extends out for you to load the bike and then folds into place on the cargo rack itself. 

Most of these options have a loading ramp that folds outward and allows you to simply roll the bike up and lock it in place accordingly. You’ll be grateful for this feature. 

Where is the Support? 

One of the most important things you’ll want to consider with your electric bike racks for cargo is where the cargo rack supports the bikes. Remember that ebikes are not your typical bike. 

We mentioned above that these bikes are heavy. You’re going to need to make sure your rack is designed to support the extra weight of an ebike. We recommend using a cargo rack that will support the bikes at the wheel base. 

You could also go with a platform rack, which is essentially a platform that supports the entire base of the bike, including the wheels. Ultimately, we don’t recommend a rack that is going to just leave your bike hanging. The weight really needs the additional support. Platforms or wheel-based support can often handle much higher weight as well. 

Rack Mounting Location

You can buy racks that mount to the roof, the hitch, or the base of the vehicle. While roof mounts certainly have their own benefits, they are not ideal for an ebike. 

We want to point out again that electric bikes tend to be very heavy. Can you imagine trying to wrangle one up onto the roof of your vehicle? For this reason, using a hitch or rear-mounted rack is the best solution. It adds storage to the rear of your vehicle and it is much easier to get your bike loaded. 

These racks are also the best for supporting the weight of this type of back. Generally, roof mounts are not designed to support the weight that an ebike has and you might actually end up harming your vehicle in the process. 

Factors to Consider

When you’re looking at electric bike racks for cargo, all of these tips are essential. However, there are some basic factors about a cargo rack that you’re going to want to pay attention to. Check these out. 

Weight Capacity

Electric bikes will never be lightweight. There are compact bikes, but even those are heavy. They are heavier than a traditional bicycle because they have a motor and battery attached to them that both add weight. 

Of course, the design behind the back also adds weight. This is not your everyday bike, and you need to be prepared to accommodate that with your bike rack. 

As you check out the various cargo options, you will find there are plenty of styles out there. However, you always want to check out the weight capacity. Take the time to look up what your bike weighs (or at least approximate it) and then make sure your bike rack can handle that. 

You also might be able to remove the battery from the bike for loading and travel, but you still need a rack with a higher weight capacity. 

Size & Support

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the size of the rack and how it supports your bike. You’ve got to make sure that it’s going to be large enough to accommodate your wheels and to provide the support to hold your bike in place securely. 

Not every cargo rack is designed for an electric bike, so pay close attention to the details to ensure the rack you choose is actually going to work for your needs. Know the details of your bike and then be sure the rack you choose accommodates those details. 

Cargo Security

Finally, how will you load and secure the bike? What ensures your bike will be secure and stable on the cargo rack? It’s one thing to get a really great rack. But you also need to make sure that great rack is going to support and protect your bike. 

You certainly don’t want to worry about it not being stable and supported. And you definitely don’t want to have to worry about a mishap of your bike not staying attached to the rack like it’s meant to. On that note, always make sure your bike is appropriately secured before going anywhere. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing electric bike racks for cargo requires paying attention to details. Know what to look for and how to properly load and support your bike. These are the things that will ensure your travel is smooth and worry-free. 

It’s great to be able to take your bike along with you, but it’s also important to be properly prepared and outfitted for the task! Your next adventure awaits.

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