Here are Easy Ways to Cut Your Risk for Dementia

Dementia interferes severely with your health. The condition is associated with brain cell damage that reduces your ability to reason properly, problems in learning new things, inability to control your emotions, forgetting things often, and difficulties in understanding language. These signs develop slowly and worsen over time when untreated. However, you find relief knowing that neurologists at Integrated Neurology Services offer a personal treatment plan for dementia in Falls Church and prescribe medication to relieve your symptoms. Besides treatment, your lifestyle changes can lower your potential to develop dementia. Here are ways that will help you reduce your risk of dementia.

Exercise Regularly

If you improve your fitness over time, you are less likely to develop this condition since exercise improves your mood, memory, learning and triggers the brain’s creation of neurons and neurochemicals. Besides, you don’t have to be a marathon runner; all you have to do is have regular physical activity and balanced exercises.

Cognitive Health and Education

If you are fond of reading, playing games, and betting frequently, you are less likely to develop this mental disease. Also, it will be of more help when you engage yourself in intellectual education and physical and social activities in your midlife. This will assist you in developing a better cognition in your old age, making you resilient against illnesses.

Avoid Excessive Noise

Hearing problems are socially isolating, and you may not have the ability to engage with others in listening and speaking. This has a detrimental effect on managing your brain reserve. To prevent your brain from getting damaged, avoid excess noise such as high volume on your headphones, earphones, and speakers. Instead, equalize the sound for good hearing or use a hearing aid where necessary.

Know Your Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, you are at a higher risk of developing dementia. High blood pressure causes your blood to clot in your arteries, blocking your blood from flowing to your brain. Other conditions may include stroke and loss or shrinking of your brain cells. It will help when you have enough sleep, manage your stress, maintain a stable weight, and always take a balanced diet to help control your blood pressure.

Reducing Your Alcohol Consumption

Excessive drinking of alcohol can shrink and damage your brain cells and blood vessels and cause severe nutritional deficiencies, these being factors for types of dementia. However, it is difficult when you try to cut drinking alcohol a little each day. It is the safest and most effective way to prevent you from brain damage.

Social Connections

Interacting and paying attention to others will keep your brain healthy and active. Additionally, talking or chatting over tea or coffee as you remind each other of your memories, having nature walks as you see and enjoy the scenic beauty, and doing fun things with your closest group of friends will enhance your cognitive health.

Although psychological and social factors cause dementia, it will be of worth when you take care of your health by adhering to the strategies highlighted above. If you have any questions about dementia, you can also consult Integrated Neurology Services, and you will be enlightened and advised.

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