5 Mistakes Weed Users Make When Smoking

Cannabis is a popular recreational drug and is widely known for its medicinal properties. The good thing about marijuana is that there are various modes of delivery, and you can enjoy your weed in all manner of ways. From smoking, vaping, ingesting to cooking- the choice is all yours. Most people prefer smoking, thanks to the associated immediate effects. However, many users acquire quality weed from Marijuana Dispensaries but make blunders when smoking.


Here are common weed-smoking mistakes that you should know:


1. Assuming you won’t get high from the first puff


Most beginners get extremely high when smoking marijuana for the first time. Unlike edibles, smoking weed offers almost instant results, and knowing this will save you a lot of trouble. Although most people assume that they won’t feel the effects after the first few puffs, this is far from the truth. The fact is that you can get high within the first few minutes of smoking.


2. Incorrect use of the carb


If you’ve been using a bong to smoke weed, I presume you have seen the tiny hole on the side of the bowl. You should plug it with your finger while making hits. This way, you clear the smoke without having to take another puff. After getting the right pull, release it and continue inhaling. If you don’t do this right, you’ll be forced to take more pulls to clear the smoke, which can lead to overdosage.


3. Discarding the stems


 Most people throw out the weed stems, and this is a big mistake. You want to get the most out of your products and shouldn’t discard anything. Even the stems? Of course! You can use them in various ways and still get high. Here’s how;


·       Use a vaporizer to cook out the THC

·       Make steam tea by soaking them in tea for a few hours

·       Soak them in your alcoholic drink to a THC infused cocktail


4. Not knowing the different strains.


The most important aspect of cannabis is the strains. These determine the doses, potency, and the expected effects. The dominant strains are Indicas and Sativas, and I always get products in both strains in most Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me


Both have unique characteristics and effects. Indicas produce high effects are highly stimulating. Similarly, Sativas offer full-body relaxation, euphoric, happy, and sometimes sleepy feeling. They are excellent for unwinding, relaxing ad promoting better sleep.


Hybrids are also common, and they mix both strains to varying degrees. All offer varied effects, and knowing what you’re smoking determines the expected experience.


5. Improper storage


Storage is critical when it comes to weed products. Most people do this wrongly and keep the products in plastic containers or direct sunlight. However, you should store your weed in airtight containers in a dark and cool place. Glass containers work best over plastic and will keep your products tasting fresh.


In summary


Smoking cannabis is fun only when you know how to do it right. Avoid mistakes by acquiring the best strains and does, and keep your weed safely. Also, know what works for you, and choose products that offer the desired effects or high.


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