Wellness Forever – Reliable & most trusted ‘Online Medical Store’ in India

Imagine this scenario – It is sunny outside and the temperature is at an all-time high. A close friend visits your place and wants you to join his/her shopping extravaganza.

The reason your friend wants to go out shopping is that he/she has found interesting deals in some outlet. You quickly flip your phone and show him/her better deals available on the e-commerce platforms. Both of you sit back and shop the same item at a much lesser price.

This is the kind of disruption that Internet based business models have created in the recent times and it has brought ‘convenience’ in the hands of the customers.

Whether it is clothing, books, furniture, etc.; all these categories are widely available on different websites.

One category that is significantly gaining traction is the online medical shopping where customers can now shop for medicines/related items from an online platform like Wellness Forever.

Though you always have the option of purchasing the medicines from the medical store located near you, online medical store/shop solves many pain-points from a customer’s perspective.

As a patient, you might be consuming some medicines on a timely basis and in order to avoid the hassle of visiting the medical store repeatedly, you tend to stock those medicines.

There is a probability that you might forget the place where you kept the medicines or the medicines might be nearing the expiry date. Wellness Forever, an online medicine shop in India gives you the provision to shop for the medicines that you ‘require on a repetitive basis’ just by uploading the prescription to their website.

Due to their offline-online presence, their medical representatives can deliver the item within a few hours (in case they have a shop close to your location) or the item would be shipped by their logistics partners. This makes re-ordering the same medicine easier.


How many times the attendant in a medical shop has looked at you in a weird manner when you asked for Condoms? Though India is changing at a rapid pace, you still feel awkward when you have to visit a section in a mall where you can find Condoms, Sex Supplements, etc.

With an online medical store, you can leave that embarrassment behind since all items that require ‘privacy’ are shipped to the customers in discrete packaging. Even the delivery person would not know about the contents of the package.

Be it health supplements, nutrients, routine medicines; all of these are available on a single platform and you also get good discounts on a platform like Wellness Forever.

If you are in Maharashtra, Wellness Forever is the only 24 hours chemist in Mumbai and they deliver medicines even in the middle of the night.


The internet has definitely been a game-changer and mobile penetration is just supplementing that growth! Though many consumers still visit their neighborhood medical stores, they come across problems when the medical store does not have the stock of the required medicines.

Such a problem would be rarely encountered in an online medical store since they have a good number of Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s) and are always accessible, be it day or night!

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