There are many cannabis products in the market, and if you are a newbie, the options can be too overwhelming. Here, we discuss the different types of marijuana products to help you find the right product for your needs.


Also known as the buds, the flower is the smokable part of Marijuana and is the most common way of using it. It is harvested, dried, cured, and tested before it is finally sold in the weed dispensaries. According to many weed users, there is no better way to use Marijuana than rolling a blunt and smoking it. You can also pack it in a pipe and smoke it. It is the most affordable, and you can find a wide variety of strains in your local dispensary for smoking.

Since the cannabinoids get to your bloodstream directly through the lungs, you feel the effect almost immediately. However, there is no standard dosing for the flower, so it is easy to over smoke.


Cannabis concentrates are made by removing the plant’s unwanted parts, including the impurities and excess plant material, to remain with only the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes. As such, concentrates have high potency levels of terpenes and CBD than the flower. Many people consume cannabis concentrates by vaping and other ways of turning it into vapor for inhaling.

Since concentrates are very potent, you feel the effects much faster, and you need only a small amount. It can be easy to overconsume, especially for a beginner, and you also need the vaporizing equipment, which can be quite an investment.

Cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles refer to foods or drinks infused with cannabis concentrates or flowers. They come in many forms, including chocolates, cakes, candies, chewing gums, butter, popcorns, cooking oil, mints, beverages, etc. They provide an excellent way to consume cannabis for consumers who don’t like smoking or vaping. They are also manufactured with precise amounts of cannabis, so you know the exact amount of THC and CBD you are about to consume when you buy from a weed store.

They have a delayed onset, so it may take a while to feel the effects, probably 20minutes to 3hours to kick in. Many consumers eat more edibles when they can’t feel the effects immediately, which can lead to over-consumption.


Tinctures are consumed sublingually. You pour a few drops of the solution under the tongue, absorbed into the body through the blood vessels under the tongue. They take effect as fast as 15minutes but can also have delayed effects if they make their way to the digestive system for absorption. They have a precise dosage to help you control your intake, and if you don’t like the taste, you can mix it with a drink or edible. However, they can be a bit expensive than other marijuana products.


Topicals refer to creams, lotions, balms, sprays, patches, or salves infused with cannabis meant to be applied directly onto the skin. However, these do not have a psychoactive effect like other cannabis products. Instead, they have a healing effect on the specific area they are applied. They act as antiinflammatories, pain relievers, or providing a relaxing effect, among other benefits.


The right type of marijuana product for you depends on your needs, tolerance, budget, and experience, so choose wisely.

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