Rejuvenate Your Chin and Have an Aesthetically Pleasing Facial Appearance With Chin Augmentation

Receding cheeks and a double chin are some of the reasons why you will most likely consult your surgeon for chin augmentation. The reconstructive procedure entails enhancing the appearance of your chin either by reshaping or removing parts of your bones or placing an implant. However, your healthcare provider may not perform the procedure as an independent treatment. According to Norman J. Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS, a combination of chin augmentation with several other cosmetic procedures like a neck lift or lip augmentation can give you an aesthetically balanced facial appearance.

What Should You Expect Before a Chin Augmentation?

Before the procedure, your doctor may evaluate your facial features and visualize your facial appearance in relation to the natural aging process using an aging arc tool. The medical practitioner may also review your medical history to determine if the process or any other procedure might seem too risky. Your doctor may also address your chin augmentation concerns and answer all your questions before the treatment. For instance, the professional might discuss the treatment’s pros and cons, allowing you to make an informed decision before the procedure.

Besides being in good health, you need to have other facial features to warrant approval of the treatment by your doctor. The features include:

  • Receding chin.
  • Outstanding nose.
  • Pointed chin.
  • Fleshy neck.
  • Double chin.
  • Weak jawline.

What Other Facial Procedures Might Accompany Chin Augmentation?

Sometimes only performing a chin augmentation may not help you achieve your desired results. As a result, your doctor may combine the process with several other procedures to give you optimal facial balance. For instance, the medical expert may perform the augmentation in conjunction with a nose job (rhinoplasty) so that your nose and chin may complement each other and give your face an attractive look. Additionally, you may need to combine chin augmentation with lip augmentation to give your face a vibrant, well-balanced appearance. Therefore, before a chin augmentation, your doctor will evaluate your facial structures and recommend the procedure you will most likely benefit from or a combination of all three procedures.

Other cosmetic procedures your doctor may suggest in combination with chin augmentation include Facelift, neck lift, or cheek implants.

Why Should You Consider Going for a Chin Implant?

You will know if a chin implant is what you might need to help boost your confidence when your weak or recessed cheeks bother you or feel like your facial features are not proportional. As a result, the implant may help you:

  • Strengthen your weak chin.
  • Give your jawline and neck sharp contours.
  • Minimize the appearance of a double chin likely to result from your short or small chin bone.
  • Enhance your facial harmony by making your chin proportional to your other facial features.
  • Improve your facial view from all angles.
  • Give you an aesthetically balanced jaw.

However, not all chin augmentation procedures are for cosmetic purposes. Your doctor may also recommend cosmetic treatment if you are a victim of severe facial trauma. The healthcare provider may incorporate a chin implant into the reconstruction surgery to give you a balanced facial appearance.

To learn more about chin augmentation’s benefits and how your surgeon can help you achieve aesthetically pleasing results and a well-balanced face, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

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