Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones From COVID-19 Through Testing

As the CoronaVirus pandemic keeps wreaking havoc in people’s lives across the globe, you likely have concerns about how you can navigate your life once you have had your Otsego lab tests for the virus. In addition, you may have watched or read news about people with chronic conditions who succumb to death after contracting the virus. However, testing negative or positive for the virus does not mean life has to come to a standstill. Here is what the GatherWell COVID Testing team wants you to know about life after COVID-19 testing.

How to know you have COVID-19

Like other diseases, Corona Virus affects people differently depending on their immune system. As a result, some people may experience the symptoms while others might not feel a thing. The common symptoms for COVID include shortness of breath, headache, loss of appetite, dry cough, and loss of smell. It gets to a point where a high fever or severe cough may be present.

What to do if you suspect you have Covid-19 infection

Experiencing Covid-19 symptoms is a clear sign to see a medical practitioner for an expert opinion. If you do not have a doctor in mind, it would be best to see a local board of health representatives. They can recommend the best places to get tested or treated in your area. If you have found a place to get tested, call them in advance to get prepared for your arrival.

How COVID-19 screening works

To determine if you have the virus, a medical practitioner performs a diagnostic test to confirm if you have a viral attack. It starts with taking a swab from your nose or throat. Sometimes, your doctor may take your saliva sample to determine the virus’s genetic material. The antibody tests are designed to determine if COVID-19 has infected you. However, it takes time to generate antibodies, so the test results might take up to three weeks. This explains why you do not need to go for a diagnostic test if you have developed new symptoms.

Why do you need to go for COVID-19 testing?

The last thing you want is to discover your symptoms are interfering with your quality of life, yet you had all the time to go for testing. The benefits of going got testing include:

  1. Peace of mind

Whether you have COVID-19 symptoms or not, going for testing can give you peace of mind. You do not have to wait until you develop the signs to see a lab technician.

  1. Protect those around you

If you recently mingled with other people and did not adhere to social distancing, it would be best to go for testing to protect your loved ones at home. However, please do not assume that just because you do not have the symptoms that you have not been infected. Remember, the virus can stay in your body for days without affecting your immune system.

Get tested for COVID-19 today

CoronaVirus can affect anyone regardless of their immune system, age, gender, race, or ethnic background. Before booking your appointment for testing, ensure you inform your doctor so they can prepare for your visit. To find out if you have COVID-19, see your doctor or nurse for testing today.

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