More Amazing Tips to Keep Your Fridge Clean and Tidy

Whether you use your fridge for business or pleasure, the battle to keep it clean and tidy is never-ending. If you are struggling to get the most out of yours, take a look at more of these great fridge tips. They will mean that keeping yours in great condition doesn’t have to be just another difficult chore.

Cleaning Tips

Tip for smells – Don’t let that garlic or fish odour spoil everything else inside the fridge. If you keep a box of bicarbonate of soda open in a secure place away from children, it will soak up the smells before they take hold.

Tip for crumbs – Keep kitchen cleaning wipes on hand and use them to give the fridge a quick wipe-over inside and out. This prevents those annoying build-ups of sticky stains and crumbs.

Tip for shelves – These and the drawers can both go in the dishwasher, if you have one. Or they can be washed easily by hand too. Do them weekly to prevent dirt getting the chance to set in for the duration.

Storage Tips

Tip for leftovers – Keep a dedicated plastic box for the smaller things left over from meals or anything close to its use-by date. This helps them get attention, and hopefully used rather than wasted.

Tip for extending food life – Invest in some crisper drawer and shelf liners to help keep produce fresh and the fridge easier to clean.

Tip for maximising space – Empty as much as you can into the squeezy condiment bottles you can easily buy from a pound shop. These fit nicely in fridge doors too.

One Last Tip – Buy a Glass Door Refrigerator

This is an easy way to keep an eye on what is going on inside your fridge, to see what you have available to use and to stop things getting messy and dirty. Fridges with glass doors are available from various suppliers, such as

Good advice, tips, a few clever products and a plan are all you need to keep any kind of fridge super-clean and well organised. With just a little regular effort you can easily reduce waste, never have to worry about hygiene standards and save time by knowing just where to find everything inside.

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