Intervening in Age-Related Vision Problems

Vision impairment due to cataracts are becoming increasingly frequent today. According to statistics, cataracts are the cause of 33 percent of visual disability worldwide. In fact, the National Eye Institute says it’s become so common, by the age of 80, half of Americans will have a cataract or need surgery for it.

Diminishing Risk of Cataracts

One thing about cataract surgery nashville tn residents have plenty of options for intervention. Optometrists say one of the most important things you can do is to protect your eyes from the sun. A wide-brimmed hat, or sunglasses with polarized lenses can reduce the strain caused by strong UV rays.

Also, protecting your eyes from blue light, found in televisions and smart devices. Experts say to sit a few feet from your computer or TV, because the screens generate a low level of radiation. Although there are no studies linking cataract development to blue light syndrome, it does cause age-related vision problems, and this avoids being too close and limits exposure time.

More importantly, optometrists point out how vital eye exams are. Since you cannot see the cataract with the naked eye, you should go regularly to the eye doctor. It is even more important than 30 years of age, when your vision naturally begins to decline.

Smoking and alcoholic beverages should also be avoided. Smoke releases free radicals into the body, reducing the ability to repair damage. The freer radicals are present in the body, the more cells are compromised. Alcohol abuse also changes the interaction of proteins inside the eye, increasing the risk of damage to the membranes.

According to some studies, cataracts can be avoided by consuming lots of dark leafy vegetables, which contain antioxidants. Antioxidants, such as lutein and zeaxanthin (found in the retina and crystalline lens) have been shown to act against the formation of cataracts. There are also lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, which both help absorb harsh light and UV rays. In some cases, even strong traumas to the eyeball can contribute to the formation or to the worsening of a cataract.

The Development of Cataracts

It’s a process of gradual and progressive loss of transparency of the crystalline lens, a transparent organ located inside the eyeball, which acts as a lens, allowing us to focus. Cataracts develop slowly and gradually, so much so that at first, new glasses, better lighting or the use of magnifying glasses can help to buffer symptoms; however, once they appear, surgery is the only therapeutic alternative that allows a definitive resolution of the problem.

The disorder can affect one or both eyes, but doctors have not found in any way that the disorder is contagious. Over time, the cataract can grow and increase in intensity, making the view more and more distorted. Common symptoms include blurry or double vision, faded colors, the worsening of night vision, and the appearance of halos around light sources. However, the same symptoms in cataracts can often be a sign of other eye or health problems, so yearly eye exams are recommended.

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