How to Get a Better-Looking Stomach?

There’s no getting away from it – everyone wants a six pack. And if that doesn’t seem achievable, we want a flat tummy. And failing that, wouldn’t it be nice to at least be rid of that spare tire? Well the truth is that there is no great secret mystery to getting yourself a nicer looking belly, but what it does normally require is a better, healthier routine: a few – let’s not say ‘rules’, let’s say ‘guidelines’ – for your general food and drink consumption, and some regular exercise.


It’s fair to say, that if you want to lose some weight and look a little better, you’ll need to start using more calories than you eat them. So that basic principle, along with a few other key points, is what follows. Check out how to get a better-looking stomach (and maybe even a six pack!) here:


  1. Believe it or not, you may already be the owner of a beautiful six pack, the kind of one you see Brad Pitt sporting in Fight Club, the kind of six pack that you could peel potatoes on, the kind of abs you could bounce rocks off – you get the idea. So, if you do have a gorgeous stomach of rippling muscles, where is it? Well, it’s likely several inches beneath those layers of rippling fat.


So the 1st rule of flat stomachs is: six packs are made in the kitchen. The 2nd rule of flat stomachs? Six packs are made in the kitchen. Yeah, we did a Fight Club reference – because that first rule is so important, it’s worth mentioning twice. So cut down on all the bad, sugary stuff; reduce your intake of salt and processed foods in general; and reduce the size of your portions. Don’t go crazy about it, just start being stricter about those ‘bad’ foods, and eat and drink more sensibly – it’ll make an observable difference in a matter of weeks.


  1. Exercise. Yeah, we said it: exercise. If it’s a long time since you last did any exercise, it could well be the case that you find the idea of doing it as part of your regular routine a daunting prospect. In order to do so, you could take up a cheap gym membership, you could run around the block or park every morning or evening, or you could play some sport – maybe football with friends, maybe tennis with a colleague.


The secret (it’s not really a secret) is to make sure it’s something that you genuinely enjoy, something that you’re enthusiastic about. That way, you’ll stick at it. Hopefully. Aim for two or three sessions of exercise a week and you’re doing fine.


  1. Goals. Not ones of the five-a-side variety, but targets, objectives, ambitions – those goals. It’s good to have them; it’s great to have something to aim for. But goals can also be destructive. So be sure not to set yourself unrealistic goals – such as gym sessions 6 times a week, or never eating anything sweet again, or losing 2 stone in a month. Failure to hit your targets can be disappointing, or even disheartening. Rather, keep your goals challenging yet reasonable. And when you slip up – you surely will, you’re only human after all – don’t let yourself think that it’s all over. Instead, focus on the larger curve – not the one that describes the shape of your stomach, but the one that shows your general, positive progression from one month to the next. And just keep moving that month-on-month curve in the right direction!



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