Why Does My Neck Hurt? Causes and Treatments

The neck is a coordinated system of nerves, bones, muscles, and joints. Essentially the channel provides support and mobility to the head. Because of its location, the neck is prone to injury. Neck injury causes significant discomfort and impedes mobility. Finding a one fits all treatment option for neck pain in Frisco is now easier. Doctors employ telehealth services coupled with innovative technologies to treat neck pain and to treat neck injuries effectively. This handy guide explains the causes, symptoms of neck pains, and available treatment options.

Causes of Neck Pain:

  •     Whiplash Injury- Sudden shifting of the neck facet joints overstretched neck muscles. The rapid movement results in muscle fatigue which causes pain and stiffness.
  •       Nerve Compression- When nerves compress due to herniated discs and spinal stenosis, they send radial pain across your neck, jaws, and down to the arms.
  •     Poor Posture- The correct sitting position is pivotal to preventing any spine-related pain. A bad sitting or sleeping position continuously strains your muscles. Prolonged strain weakens your neck muscles and makes them susceptible to pain and injury.
  •     Diseases- Rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, osteoporosis, spinal cord infection, and tumors are the common medical conditions that cause neck pain.
  •       Spinal Degeneration- A degenerative spine is more prevalent in the elderly than kids. Cervical spondylosis, which is the medical term for spinal degeneration, causes neck pain when other factors such as trauma come into play.

Neck Pain Remedies

  1. Discectomy

In a neck discectomy process, the surgeon removes the damaged disc that causes neck pain. Two possible approaches to discectomy are Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) and Cervical disc replacement. In ACDF, the disc is removed from the two vertebrae on the anterior of the cervical spine. ACDF has less postoperative pain, and surgeons prefer this treatment technique as it offers a better view of the neck region in an uncomplicated way. Cervical disc replacement or total disc arthroplasty involves replacing the damaged disc with an implant. Metal or polymer prosthetics replace the discs together with any bone spurs.

  1. Neck Stabilization

Soft neck collars alleviate neck pain caused by the head cocking to one side. However, for severe neck pain, doctors recommend rigid cervical collars. Cervical collars support your head and neck by restoring good posture to your cervical spine. Neck collars only suffice for minimal to moderate neck pain.

  1. Over the Counter Medication

Over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Ipobrufen, and Advil counteract neck pain. Applying specialized topical creams may ease neck pain too. It is imperative to get a clinician’s prescription for pain relief medication before purchasing them.

  1. DIY Remedies

Sometimes you may wake up with acute neck pain and require immediate assistance; the following do-it-yourself remedies can significantly ease neck pain:

  •       Alternate between ice and heat treatment for a stiff neck.
  •       Do light stretching exercises.
  •       Get a massage.
  •       Try acupuncture.
  •       Get chiropractic care.

Home remedies may only curb neck pain for a while. It is noble to schedule a visit immediately after DIY treatments.


Neck pain affects a multitudinous amount of people in the world. Daily societal pressures and social media intake compel the adoption of poor posture, which further complicates neck pain. Visiting a neck pain center is the noblest thing you will do regarding your ligament and overall health.

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