Tell Your Kids to Not Use Smartphones All the Time

Do you remember the time when you spent a lot of time with your family and speaking with each other? You might not have this kind of picture in mind right now because you are too busy with your phone. You spend a lot of time browsing information on your phone or responding to emails. Since Internet access has become a lot easier these days, more people are becoming interested in using their smartphones regardless of the current situation they are in.


The worst part is this attitude is now being inherited by kids. There is nothing wrong with introducing phones to kids. There are a lot of educational games available. They also have fun using their phones. Some of them would be easier to control and manage when they are on their phones instead of when they run around. A lot of parents also feel guilty just allowing their kids to use their phones rather than them becoming a problem if they decide to do other things.


If your kids really love using their phones and playing games, you better use EMF protection. EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. This radiation causes a lot of illnesses. Some people don’t believe that small doses of radiation coming from phones should be blamed, but this is the truth according to a lot of studies.


A protective device or items that they wear would help a lot to block radiation from penetrating their skin. These items are cheap, so you won’t mind investing in them.


Train your kids not to be dependent on phones


Although protective devices help a lot, it does not mean you should no longer discipline your kids. You should still tell them that using their phones only at certain times during the day would be better. They can learn through the educational games available, but there are a lot of other fun things they can do. Introduce them to the games that you used to play when you were younger. Tell them how fun it was for you to play these games or learn new things through authentic interaction.


When they realise that there are other ways for them to have fun, they will start to use their phones less often. You should also make them play more with other kids. A lot of studies have shown just how detrimental phones are in the social development of kids. They rely on their phones and are becoming more isolated as opposed to kids who spend a lot of time playing with actual objects or going to different places.


In the end, it is up to you to tell them how to use their phones and what type of protection you give them so that even if they use their phones, they won’t be negatively affected.


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