Customized Treatments for Any Men’s Low Testosterone Problems in New York

Men usually face lots of health problems, especially with aging, due to body and hormonal changes. Low testosterone is a common health issue in men resulting in loss of muscle mass, difficulty concentrating, and low sex drive. Fortunately, there are available effective treatments for all such problems. At Liondale Medical, Lionel Bissoon, DO provides exceptional treatments for men’s health in New York. He specializes in giving customized treatments that aim to restore your energy, balance your hormones, and boost your hormones. For a consultation about any men’s issue, call or book an appointment online today.

What Should You Expect from a Men’s Health Program?

A men’s health program focuses on enabling men to reinstate their optimal health, enhance metabolic function, and boost hormones to solve mental, sexual, and age-related issues. When you go for your initial consultation, the doctor will review your medical history, carry out a physical examination and perform a test to check your hormone and nutrient levels. After the diagnosis, Dr. Bissoon will develop an individualized treatment plan that might include weight loss, exercise, low testosterone treatment, and nutritional counseling.

What Are The Causes Of Low Testosterone?

Even in your normal healthy state, testosterone levels in your body decrease by about two percent each year after hitting 30 years of age. However, other factors that affect your testosterone levels include; genetics, health problems, and lifestyle factors. For instance, being overweight caused by lifestyle choices is a substantial risk factor for low testosterone. According to statistics, an increase in one point on your BMI causes about a two percent drop in testosterone. It might also result in hypogonadism, a condition where your testicles produce lower amounts of testosterone. This condition can result from testicular injury, high iron levels, pituitary disorders, and metabolic syndrome.

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

The common symptoms of low testosterone include;

  •   Fatigue
  •   Low libido
  •   Weight gain
  •   Erectile dysfunction
  •   Loss of muscle strength and mass
  •   Anxiety and depression
  •   Loss of bone density
  •   Difficulty in concentrating
  •   Loss of beard and body hair

Multiple factors often cause low sex drive; hence there are various causes and treatment options for low libido.

What Are The Treatment Options For Low Libido?

The first step in treating low testosterone is a proper assessment of the symptoms and laboratory testing to determine the best treatment option to boost your testosterone levels. Some of the available effective treatments include;

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This approach involves the use of self-administered injections, gels, creams, and pellets to administer testosterone to your body. The pellets are placed underneath your skin, where they release testosterone slowly for up to six months.


This is an effective infertility treatment in women. However, it can be used to boost testosterone levels in men.

HCG Therapy

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is an option if your lower testosterone levels originate from an under-functioning pituitary gland or if you have a problem of low testosterone, but blood tests indicate you have normal levels. HCG activates the pituitary gland that then triggers testosterone production in the testis.

To sum up, low sex drive due to low testosterone can ruin your sexual relationships and lower your life quality. If you have low libido or other symptoms related to low testosterone levels, call or book an appointment online with Liondale Medical today.

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