Are we Drinking Clean Water in US?

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Polluted and dirty water is one of the biggest problems in many countries of the world including US. Being the most powerful and most advanced state in the world US officials are still not able to provide clean water to their numerous citizens. According to a recently conducted survey As many as 63 million people — nearly a fifth of the United States — from rural central California to the boroughs of New York City, were exposed to potentially unsafe drinking water more than once during the past decade. So after looking at the result of the survey, the answer to the question “Are we drinking clean water in US?” is surely NO.


Safe drinking water is a privilege Americans often take for granted — until a health crisis like the one in Flint, Mich., happens that makes us think about where it comes from and how we get it. Our drinking water usually comes from lakes, rivers and sea. And from there it flows towards the treatment plants, then to storage tanks and from there to our homes. As it has to pass through water treatments plants which works to make it pollution free, but still it gets polluted. This is because water treatment plants are not foolproof, and there are ways for microbes or bacteria to sneak through it and reach taps in our home. Reason behind such high pollution is the industrial chemical dumped into the sea or river and Dirty pipelines which are not been replaced or clean from a longtime now. Although the water goes through filtration, but still it remains polluted.


In order to remove pollution from water completely, there are some safety measures that we should take ourselves to make water clean for drinking. And the best one is to use water distiller. Water distiller comes in different types and sizes; since you have to use it for your home then it is necessary to choose your best water distiller. Water distiller goes through a boiling and condensation process to purify the water. It is very effective. We should also look to take some important steps at higher level so we can actually stop pollution to get mixed with water. These steps should be taken by the government. They should not allow any factory to throw their chemical wastage into the sea water. Because this is one of the biggest reasons due to which we are now suffering with water pollution problem. Government should order them to find any other solution to waste their chemicals. Government should also take some steps in cleaning the water supplying pipes or reservoirs regularly.

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