When to See a Gynecologist?

Most people tend to ignore the early signs of serious genital infections and disease. When the early signs are ignored, it can invite other problems along. 

Additionally, specific symptoms indicate that you may be suffering from infection or disease. These signs must be taken seriously and seek immediate help from a doctor. You can take a look on the web by searching for Gynecology in Lake Mary to find the best gynecologists. 


There are some significant signs which tell the patient that it’s time to visit the doctor. It is always recommended that a female get familiar with the pelvic exam by the age of 21. 

Some women do not consult a doctor and neglect some issues, which can be severe in the future and lead to several complications. 

Below we have mentioned some signs for indications that you need medical assistance: 

  • Bad Odor

In females, some vaginal discharge is normal as it is odorless or has a specific odor, but when the release smells different or the quantity of the discharge increases, they must visit a gynecologist. Such a condition might indicate an infection. 

  • The Feeling of Itch or Burns

If the patient is feeling a lot of itching or a burning sensation, this might be the condition of urinary tract infections or may be a sexually transmitted disease. 

  • Painful Periods

Sometimes because of unbearable pain in the pelvic region or genital organs, a female can experience pain during periods, so a doctor must recommend some medications and advise her to drink more water to lessen the pain.

  • Uncontrolled Premenstrual Symptoms

This is related to the psychological condition of the patients; their mood swings or physical health, or stress can affect the state of the patient. In this case, it is generally called a premenstrual dysmorphic disorder.

  • Painful Sex

Sometimes sex can be excruciating. When you notice the pain is becoming unbearable, it is time you check it out with your gynecologist. This may not always be a result of infections or disease. However, to be on the safer side, it is essential to get checked.

When to See a Doctor?

The above signs indicate that you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible to prevent any severe infection or disease. Besides these signs, you should visit a gynecologist every few months to ensure that you are healthy and experience no disorders. This also ensures that you are taking adequate care of your health. The doctor will be able to suggest to you all the dos and don’ts that follow. Furthermore, If the doctor diagnoses you with any infection, you can get the appropriate treatment.

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