What Do Obstetrics and Gynecology Involve?

Obstetrics and gynecology make the primary part of a woman’s health. It deals with the reproductive system’s health and its functions. It is critical to every woman as it ensures health, comfort, and safety in every stage of their lives.[‘;

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Dr. Foulk provides comprehensive care to help women achieve their health needs and live happy lives. Some of the services available under his care include


A woman’s body develops through different stages, which can sometimes be overwhelming. A gynecologist is essential to guide you through and ensure your reproductive health and function.

Usually, it is recommended to start seeing your gynecologist in adolescence to help understand your body’s anatomy and development. You also get a chance to interact and be familiar with your doctor.

Gynecology exams should occur annually and involves checking various health details, including

  •         Pelvic exams
  •         Immunizations
  •         Weight management
  •         Contraception
  •         STIs tests and prevention

Depending on your stage, your gynecological visit may also involve examining or evaluating issues such as vaginal discharge or menopause.

Birth control

Birth control is a key topic in a woman’s life. It allows a woman to plan on when to have children, how many, and after how long. It allows them to take control of their lives and make solid life decisions boldly.

Birth control methods involve preventing yourself from getting pregnant through various techniques such as:

  •         Condoms
  •         Pills
  •         The patch
  •         Coil
  •         Intrauterine device
  •         Birth-control shot
  •         Cervical cap
  •         Diaphragm
  •         Birth control sponge
  •         Taking note of your fertile days

Every birth control method has its con and pros. Thus it is good to discuss them with your provider and see which one works best for you.


Obstetrics involves professional medical care for pregnancy, prenatal, and delivery. An obstetric specialist ensures your pregnancy is in a good state and health through testing, nutritional modifications, and treatments.

Obstetrics focuses on protecting the health of the mother and child to enhance the health of the mother and child. You also get information on how to optimize your health and promote safe delivery.


Hysterectomy involves a surgical procedure to remove parts of your reproductive system as a solution to a health condition. The treatment is common among many women intending to treat conditions such as:

  •         Chronic pelvic pain
  •         Endometriosis
  •         Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  •         Uterine prolapse
  •         Uterine cancer
  •         Uterine fibroids

TempSure Vitalia

With age comes responsibility and body changes. Your vagina may develop changes due to aging, leading to negative life impacts such as pain during sexual intercourse and urinary incontinence.

Dr. Foulk offers TempSure Vitalia to women to help them restore their vagina function and promote their comfort. The treatment enhances vagina tightness, stimulates lubrication and sensitivity, allowing women to enjoy sex despite their age.

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