Cleaning Your System of Narcotics in 24 Hours

If you want to cleanse your system from drug traces in twenty-four hours, remember that you should understand the process that will help you do it. The main problem lies in the idea that people think that it is possible to remove all byproducts and substances from your urine.

However, that is not the case; even if you are a one-time user, you will need to use a different approach. Since it is impossible to eradicate toxins, you have to mask their content within the urine by following specific strategies that will help you along the way.

The best way to understand how to cleanse your system of drug metabolites is by learning how they act within our bodies. For instance, when you consume cannabis or ingest some other drug, you will enter active compound.

However, our body will remove the active substance and convert it into various metabolites that will scatter all over your body from urine to hair follicles.

In initial moments, you will have the substances within the blood and saliva. However, when they reach kidneys and liver, the natural detox processes will break them down into byproducts and metabolites, which you will ultimately expel through feces and sweat as well as urine.

If you are a light user, you will be able to cleanse your body in matter of hours, but everything depends on the type of drug you consume as well as natural factors that will help you throughout the process.

However, if you are a frequent user, it means that byproducts will linger your body and system for days after consumption. This is especially true for cannabis that will enter your fatty cells, which means that you will need weeks to remove them altogether.

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Is It Possible To Cleanse Your System In One Day?

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, you will not be able to remove the complete traces of drugs within 24 hours, especially if you are a frequent user. The problem is that your body features detoxification system that will run its natural pace.

Of course, you will be able to boost the process by using detox drinks and pills, but the process requires at least one week to do it efficiently.

Therefore, if you wish to pass the drug test, you have to find ways to mask their presence, which is more efficient and has a higher success rate than fast detox. People think that the only way to pass a drug screening is to remove toxins, but that is not the case.

The only way that will allow you to do it is by masking the drug metabolites. In case you have more extended time than one day, you can start with natural detox by using enhancers in the form of detox drinks and pills.

1.   Natural Detox and Remedies

Remember that our bodies feature a natural detox system that will cleanse your body from all illegal substances based on the natural rate. However, you will need at least a week, while the number of days may increase if you are a chronic user.

You should change your lifestyle and implement strategies that will help you handle natural detoxification. We are talking about adding these habits:

  • Avoid fatty foods and create a healthy meal plan that will help you boost the metabolic rate
  • Daily workout is essential for improving your natural detoxification process
  • Proper sleeping will help you reduce the issues
  • Drink plenty of fluids and water
  • Relax along the way, because excessive stress may slow down the metabolism
  • Stop consuming toxins that may interfere with the drug testing results

By following these points, you will be able to reach peak efficiency when it comes to removing unwanted toxins from your organism. You can also speed up the process by using detox drinks and pills and add supplementation that will help you along the way.

Imagine that you need at least ten days to cleanse yourself. If you decide to consume detox pills or drinks, you can cut it for half and remove toxins in a matter of five days.

This is the most efficient and fastest way to cleanse your system from unwanted toxins that will interfere with drug screening results.

However, if you have one day left and you have not started with the detox, do not even try, because it will not help you pass and you will only stress out your body from excessive detoxification.

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2.   Detox Drinks

One of the best ways to do it is to remove the substances from the body, which means that you can use detox drinks that will help you along the way. Remember that these drinks will not help you remove the toxins, but they will make their presence by diluting the urine.

Quality drinks will flush out the toxins; dilute your urine while maintaining its natural appearance so that lab technicians will not notice a difference. If you dilute urine, it will become colorless, and that is the proof to labs that you tried to tamper with the results.

The only disadvantage is that you will have a short window of opportunity, which means that even if you consume them, you may not pass the test.

In most cases, you should drink it before the test, and you will have a few hours in which you have to give a sample unless you want to be caught.

3.   Fake Sample

Finally, the most successful way to pass the screening is by substituting samples by using synthetic urine. However, most labs nowadays require you to leave your belongings before you enter a bathroom, and they may even request supervision in case of suspicion.

At the same time, since the market features a wide array of samples, you should find the one that will be effective. Learn about it by checking out testimonials and recommendations through forums such as Reddit.


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