Reasons to Legalise Medical Marijuana  

Legalising medical marijuana is a controversial issue in many countries. There are some European countries though that have legalised its use for both recreational and medicinal purposes. However, worldwide acceptance of recreational marijuana use is still far from being a reality. The good thing is that up to a certain extent, the use of marijuana for medicinal reasons is now gradually accepted.

There are also increasing numbers of studies pointing to the positive effects of marijuana use in treating specific illnesses. At the very least, it can help reduce the symptoms and make the patients feel well.

Nevertheless, the fight to legalise marijuana continues. There are several valid reasons why it needs to be legal, and here are some of them.

Banning its use costs a lot  

The prohibition of marijuana led to a waste of money. Police forces tried to catch people smoking weed. As a result, they ruined lives because of criminalising individuals who got caught. Despite numerous arrests, people still end up using pot for both medical and recreational purposes. Therefore, regulation is the best answer to the problem. There is also a weak correlation between the use of marijuana and the rise of criminality. It does not make practical sense to fight against marijuana use.

It has a legitimate medical impact

Epilepsy and the seizures that come with it have been subject to the most significant positive effects of the use of marijuana. Sufferers from these illnesses start feeling better than they used to. Marijuana has a relaxing property and is also anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it prevents the occurrence of seizures. There are also no conclusive studies yet stating the side effects of marijuana use in treating these problems. Aside from epilepsy, marijuana also helps in alleviating chronic pain, reducing the growth of tumours, reducing depression, and many others. Given these health benefits, the pros still outweigh the cons. Hence, it should be legal.

Legalising marijuana use will not increase its use

There is also a fear that legalising marijuana would lead to a slippery slope. If sanctioned, more people would start smoking weed. However, this fear has no basis. It could even be the opposite. When there was no regulation on alcohol and cigarette use, underage drinking and smoking were prevalent. It went down when the government started control. The same thing could happen with marijuana. Besides, for medical marijuana, patients will use only the useful components. For instance, cannabidiol has positive effects in reducing chronic pain. It is not psychoactive, and so it does not lead to addiction. Withdrawal from its use is also easy. Therefore, using it to treat medical problems does not pose huge threats.

Given these reasons, governments should consider legalising marijuana use, or at least medical marijuana. Individuals suffer from different problems, and this could be their only hope for recovery. The government must get out of the way and allow people to recover. Besides, legalisation does not mean free for all. There is still regulation, and it is enough to curb the potential downsides.

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