Alton Ingram MD – 3 Key Reasons Why Women Undertake a Laser Liposuction Surgery

Women generally find it very difficult to attain the perfect figure. They cannot achieve their objective even after eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Many of them still notice pockets of cellulite deposits in different parts of their bodies. This makes them assume all their efforts are in vain. This can an adverse effect on their overall self-confidence over time. Fortunately, prominent cosmetic experts say they should opt for a laser liposuction surgery in such circumstances.   This operation goes a long way in enabling them to eliminate such obstinate fat deposits. This allows them to get the slender and sleek body shape they desire.

Dr.Alton Ingram MD – Why do women opt to take a laser liposuction surgery?

Dr.Alton Ingram is a popular plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Nashville, Tennessee. He specializes in various forms cosmetic surgeries with the exception of craniofacial. This Texas South western Medical School graduate has valuable years of experience under his belt in this field. He has a reputation in the market for exceeding the expectations of his clients. This is the reason why people from the state of Florida come to him to take such operations. In recognition of his services, many important medical bodies in America have made him a member of their organizations. These include American Medical Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Tennessee Medical Association. He is just a popular for his humanitarian work in organization like Doctors Without Borders and Habitat for Humanity.

Dr.Alton Ingram MD explains laser liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in America.   A large percentage of patients undergo such procedures are women. He points out the following important 3 reasons for this trend:

  1. Eliminates stubborn cellulite deposits

Even after attaining the ideal body weight, many women remain unhappy with their figure. They feel it is not proportionate. They notice stubborn cellulite deposits in undesirable places. Opting to undergo a laser liposuction helps to remove such deposits completely.


  1. Enhance the production of collagen

Collagen refers to a protein which help to keeps people’s skin looking young and firm. However, as these individuals advance in age, their bodies reduce its production. As a result of this, they notice the appearance of wrinkles and other imperfections. Taking a laser liposuction surgery helps to reverse this process to a certain extent.


  1. Minimizes the production of triglycerides

Triglycerides refer to the fat cells which accumulate in an individual’s blood stream. If their production exceeds a certain limit, such person become susceptible to heart diseases. Laser Liposuction helps to limit the growth of such fat cells by as much as 43%.

The above 3 reasons should be enough to convince women to take this cosmetic surgery. However, Dr.Alton Ingram MD recommends that they should first meet a proficient specialist in this field. They need to remember that there is always an element of risk in all medical operations. Laser liposuctions is not an exception to this rule. Moreover, they need to be realistic of the type of results they can expect. Such a doctor can make them aware of these facts. He/she can help them take the right decision keeping in mind their best interests.

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