6 Reasons why family doctors are a blessing

It is observed that the home having a family doctor for medical consultations often stay healthier as compared to those who get a checkup from random practitioners and health care clinics. Many people argue that they do not need a family doctor as they are fit and the family members also do not have any health issues. These people miss the most about the role a family doctor plays. He/she not only treat you and your family for illness but also ensure maintaining good health. It becomes easier to handle emergencies, which are likely if you have children or older people in the family. If you feel, having a family doctor will burn your pockets out of money, you can invest in family health insurance plans. You can compare health insurance for families and buy the one that caters best to your family’s needs. These insurance plans assist in payments of your regular consultations as well as medical emergencies.

  • Holistic health care

A family can come across various health and medical dilemmas and challenges. Health issues can be as simple as a cough or as complicated as depression and anxiety. If you have a newborn in the house, you may want to know about some vaccinations. A family doctor is often a primary caregiver who knows something about everything. He/she can treat or guide you for all the issues providing holistic health care for your family.

  • Better comfort level

Not all your family members would be comfortable talking to strangers particularly about their health issues and needs. The biggest advantage of having a family doctor is trust and comfort that your family shares with him/her. As you and your doctor meet on a regular basis, faith is developed over time. Many researchers agree that patients trust their family doctors more even than specialists.

  • Chronic illnesses are better managed

Chronic diseases need long-term or life-long monitoring. It would be easy to manage such diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc with your family doctors as they are easy to approach and have a thorough knowledge of your case. Once you have consulted the specialist, your family doctor can be your constant companion through the journey with these medical conditions.

  • Doctor better understand the family history

Family doctors also maintain medical records for you and your family. This information is crucial for preventing and treating several health issues. Knowing about your health history and your family’s health history, symptoms of various conditions can be easily identified and related.

  • Regular screening is possible

Routine screening for blood pressure and other parameters is important to ensure good overall health. This is almost inevitable in the case of older people. The family doctor would schedule a routine for the checkup of all members to ensure good health and taking proactive measures to mitigate the risk of falling sick through early diagnosis.

  • Easy reference to the specialists

Sometimes you may need to consult a specialist like ENT, cardiologist, or dentist, etc. Your family doctor can make some quick referrals and ensure that you get the necessary treatment without any delay and inconvenience. Also, you will have more trust in the specialist as he/she is coming through your family doctor whom you trust unconditionally.

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