The Importance of Spirituality in Health

If you develop a belief that there is a greater intelligence, the likelihood that you will stay healthier and heal faster from a disease increases.

We are the guardians of our own health. We have an intuitive intelligence, which is so powerful that it can tell us how to heal from any sickness.

It is necessary that each of us reclaim this inner power by reading spirituality books that allows us to heal ourselves. Do not forget that it is your right to heal yourself and it is your right to consult your interior when you need to find answers.

Increasingly, people demand that their intuition be honored during this healing process. Attitudes are also changing and more and more people, including doctors, are opposing certain technological advances in medicine, knowing that by giving preference to this technology, simple things like kindness, love and the miracle of our vision inside are being sacrificed.

The ideal is to combine spirituality and intuition with popular medicine and in this way we can choose the best of both worlds. Having a connection with a power or a higher intelligence allows us to heal.

Intuition is the spiritual language, which unites us with our hearts and our well-being. There is a conscious strategy that we can follow to be and feel good. It is essential that we learn to develop positive beliefs about our own healing and learn to love our body and appreciate our inner energy. We also need to learn to connect with that inner guidance and listen to our dreams. With these tools, we can maintain optimal health and a more positive attitude when we have a health problem.

Science and spirituality come together more and more. More than 200 studies have shown that spirituality is good for health.

In 1995, the Dartmouth-Hitchcock medical center found that an indicator to know the percentage of opportunity a patient had to survive a heart surgery was their faith. A National Institute of Aging study found that patients who were in better condition and less depressed were those who had some kind of religion or connection to spirituality.

It is important not to wait to have an illness to make a connection with spirituality.

Our spiritual center is associated with a part of the brain called the limbic system. Experiments have been conducted where it has been found that when this area is electrically stimulated, patients come to have spiritual or mystical experiences. Brain tumors, which stimulate this limbic system, also activate spiritual consciousness.

What scientists are willing to conclude is that the brain and spirituality are related; if you develop a belief that there is a greater intelligence, the likelihood that you will stay healthier and heal faster from a disease increases.

The more we open our hearts, the more we expand our level of intuition. Our intuition is what teaches us how to see our interior and how to love; this is what finally renews faith.

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