Stress Management Techniques

According to a study published in the Molecular Psychiatry journal, stress and depression are said to have unfamiliar effects on metabolism. If left unchecked, stress can override the effects of healthy foods. This study on how depression, stress, and diet can influence the inflammatory response is among the first of its kind.

The study focused on the inflammatory responses of women who alternated between meat-based meals high in saturated fat and healthier plant-based meals. The results on the days the women ate a plant-based meal showed that without being exposed to stress, the women exhibited a lower inflammatory response than when they ate meat-based meals. The women, when subjected to stress, even when eating plant-based meals, showed an inflammatory response similar to that of a person consuming meat-based meals, which are less healthy.

Mindfulness – commonly referred to as a form of nonjudgmental, present-focused attention – is defined as a “mental state attained by directing one’s awareness to the present, while calmly recognizing and accommodating one’s feelings, beliefs, and senses.” Together with other similar tools and techniques in today’s fast-paced world, mindfulness is used as a therapeutic technique to balance out the pressure and stress of life and work.

Yoga, meditation, and other techniques have proven to improve mindfulness and have the potential to relieve depression and anxiety symptoms. Mindfulness and yoga promote focus, reduce stress, and improve attitude, especially when combined with a proper nutrition and regular physical exercise.

Yet another study published in Frontiers in Neuroscience discovered that practicing mindfulness helped improve the ability to deal with negative emotions. 20 minutes of meditation every day can help improve mental health and reduce anxiety.

You can practice mindfulness comfortably at home using mobile phone applications. Many people, however, get better results while exercising in group settings. The philosophy of herbal nutrition is an approach that stresses healthy diets, hydration, physical exercise, and rest. Clubs like those offered by Herbalife Nutrition provide a venue for group workouts and yoga and promote healthy well-being.

Integrating a brief yoga and stretching session into your daily routine can help you focus and relax. Taking a short 20-minute walk can also help you clear your mind.

There are multiple ways to manage stress. However, it takes the regular practice of simple techniques. Another method of stress relief is as simple as taking deep breaths. Breathing exercises are a powerful tool used to mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety. When done correctly, a few minutes of breathing exercises can do wonders for physical and mental well-being. Wearing comfortable clothes and doing these exercises in a relaxed place, such as your bed or your living room, once or twice a day can help relax both the body and mind.


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