Proficient Wound Care Experts in Texas

Wound complications can be debilitating and affect your desire to enjoy life with no limits. As such, wound care is imperative for a lifetime of proper health. In the hands of an appropriate wound care expert, you can reclaim your life once more. Contact Autumn Savage D.O. CWS-P of Wound Evolution-Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine to receive a reprieve from troublesome wounds and prevent severe repercussions.

About Practice

At Wound Evolution, an expert team of providers delivers a proactive, holistic, and innovative approach to wound care. The practice is conveniently located in Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Dallas, Texas, and Overland Park in Kansas.

Upon visiting Wound Evolution, patients are welcomed by an experienced panel of certified wound care physicians and providers. Your compassionate providers proudly work towards understanding your individual needs, offering a thorough diagnosis, and establishing customized care plans. Their focus is healing wounds as quickly as possible, preserving limbs, and preventing amputations.

Wound Evolution specialties include providing wound care such as bone infections, diabetic ulcers and wounds, chronic wounds, surgical wounds, and arterial and venous ulcers. Their targeted treatments include compression therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bioengineered skin grafts, and wound debridement.

Understanding that life is often unexpected, medical professionals aim to make your experience as smooth as possible. With pride, they offer a simple co-pay process, onsite parking, and no waitlists.

What They Offer

Patients can benefit from a variety of quality treatments at Wound Evolution. Schedule an appointment for services such as:

  • Diabetic Ulcers Specialist- People with diabetes are particularly vulnerable to diabetic ulcers. With neglect, ulcers may become infected, demanding the need for surgery or amputation. Contact Wound Evolution to have safe, practical treatments for diabetic ulcers.
  • Wound Care Specialist- Slow-healing wounds cause pain and can disrupt your daily activities. In worst cases, chronic wounds can lead to dire consequences such as amputation or bone infections. Contact Wound Evolution for comprehensive treatments that accelerate wound healing.
  • Chronic Wounds Specialist- For chronic wounds, it would be appropriate to seek professional intervention as soon as possible. If left unmanaged, chronic wounds get infected, exposing you to more severe complications. Wound Evolution specialists regularly offer precise diagnosis and treatment of chronic wounds.
  • Bone Infection Specialist- Chronic conditions such as diabetes leave you vulnerable to a bone infection. This condition demands timely intervention to prevent complex outcomes. Your dedicated team at Wound Care offers advanced and holistic procedures to suppress bone infections’ uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Infected Wound Specialist- An infection is the worst aftermath in a wound. Infections are an obstacle to healing, cause further tissue damage, and spread to trigger skin and bone infections. The specialists at Wound Evolution work to prevent diseases and avail the advanced treatment of wounds.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- Are you struggling with venous leg ulcers, slow-healing wounds, or diabetic wounds? If so, hyperbaric medicine can help. This innovative treatment exposes your body to pure oxygen, promoting your body’s natural healing process. Contact the wound care specialists to understand more about this treatment.

Are you ready to find lasting solutions for your wound problem? Contact Wound Evolution-Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine for effective healing. Call or book your consultation online.

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