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The smart drug or cognitive pill, Modafinil does work for a lot of people. It improves the performance on complex and lengthy tasks and enhances the decision-making, as well as the planning skills of the user. Modafinil or Provigil for people who prefer to call it by its brand name is a medication approved by the US FDA or the United States Food and Drug Administration.

It is also considered by the Drug Enforcement Agency as a Schedule IV drug. It means it has a valid medical use and low, but it has significant addictive potential. It is not an over the counter medication, and you need a prescription from your physician before you can use it (depending on the country you are in and their regulations about Nootropics).

To know more about Schedule IV drugs, visit https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/schedules for more information.

In the United States, you need the right prescriptions before you can buy it. It is usually prescribed for people who are suffering from sleeping problems like narcolepsy and sleep apnea. But most of the users, usually students and professionals, use the medication to help them increase their focus and cognitive power.

It is even though the medicine lacks strong evidence that it actually works as they intended. It is the first time this medication was reviewed using non-sleep-deprived people since 2008. That is why pharmaceuticals were able to include a lot of essential data in their research.

Recent studies have used a more complex test of focus and cognition than those previously employed. They found out that this Nootropic indeed enhances and maximizes the subject’s cognitive power. In particular, it affects the higher function of the human brain that relies on contribution from different simple cognitive processes.

The new research findings raised a lot of ethical concerns about using Modafinil, especially if it gives professionals and students an unfair advantage when it comes to examination preparations. Past researches showed mixed results for this medication’s effect on the health of non-sleep-deprived test subjects.

But for newer research, experts reviewed 24 test subjects that are under a placebo-controlled environment and their results that were published between 1990 to 2014. The research includes at least 700 test subjects in total and tested different aspects of thinking that include decision-making and planning, flexibility, memory, creativity and learning.

Modafinil improved certain features of the cognitive aspect of the human brain. In general, the medication appeared to improve what experts call the executive function, the ability to go through new details and make certain plans based on the information given. It also enhanced people’s capabilities to learn, pay attention, as well as remembering.


On the other hand, Artvigil is a generic version of Armodafinil which is also called Nuvigil in the US market. Every Artvogil pill contains at least 150 milligrams of Armodafinil. This product is designed and made by HAB Pharmaceuticals. It was released in 2007 and is considered as an improved version of Modafinil.

Not like its predecessor, it has a longer duration that serves at least ten to twelve hours and can offer more rapid action. It works by promoting wakefulness and alertness among patients with a sleep disorder like narcolepsy. It also serves and works as a neuron that fixed on the central nervous system.

This medication is composed of Armodafinil, the most active ingredients of Artvigil. Some researches proved that it could also help people suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. It can help patients who suffer from fatigue, people losing weight and people suffering from depression.

Modafinil vendors that offer the fastest shipping services

Listed below are online vendors where to buy modafinil fix and how long it will take to deliver the product to your doorstep.

Afinil Express

One of the most popular vendors in the market today is Afinil Express. They also have one of the quickest delivery services, shipping the order 24 hours after the order is placed and arrives at your doorstep five to seven days after, to think the order will come from India.

Now that is one quick delivery service. It is delivered using EMS or Express Mail Service. Afinil Express does not publish their shipping times for certain countries. It states that you will receive your package seven to thirty days after the order is placed. Just like other vendors, if your order did not arrive on time, they will offer a full refund or re-shipment of the product.

Modafinil Star

It is considered by a lot of people who used Modafinil online purchase as one of the best places to buy this type of Nootropic drugs using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum because of its excellent pricing. But does this online vendor offer fast shipping?

The answer is a resounding YES. While not as fast as other online sellers like Afinil Express, buyers can receive their orders in ten to twelve days. Come to think of it, since it comes from India, the Nootropic capital of the world; it is pretty fast. Like other vendors on the Internet, they offer guaranteed delivery with a re-shipment or a full refund if the package did not arrive on time or not at all.

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Which is the fastest vendor?

If you are looking for a Modafinil to buy online bit did not want to wait for weeks before the package arrives, then the information mentioned above can be beneficial to make the right decision. Personally, if the shipping time is your primary concern, you need to stick with Afinil Express.

This online pharmacy will deliver your Modafinil order six to ten days after the order is placed. There are other vendors you can find on the Internet, but the two mentioned above are considered as the fastest online Modafinil vendor on the Internet.

That is why the quality of the product and the price is not the only factor you need to consider when buying this kind of medication. You also need to consider the amount of time it will take for your order to reach your location, as well as the safety of your order during shipping.

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