Healthcare & Ambulance Service for Wellness at Workplace

With the progress in the quantum of work across the globe, the modern-day workplace has drastically changed with prolonged sitting hours, stress on eyes and shoulders, quick lunches, intense environment and short deadlines. The work environment has no longer remained conducive to the mental, spiritual and physical well-being of the employees. It demands fostering wellness programs at the workplace, which are curated by experts in the domain to prevent as well as counter illnesses arising due to erratic and stressful lifestyle.

Besides wellness programs for improved healthcare, an ambulance service at the workplace is equally essential for an overall sense of well-being and quick emergency care. Some of the steps to foster such programs taking the ‘Gallup-Healthways Well-Being 5’ definition into consideration include:

Flexible Office timing: if it is feasible for the employer to offer flexible office hour to his/her employees, then the employer must consider it. It enables the employees to avoid morning traffic hours and help them save time for their stress busters, which may further encourage work-life balance.

Organise ‘Walking’ meeting or charity walk: Encouraging the employees to participate or volunteer in charity walk will boost their morale, improve physical activity, develop a sense of community building and socialise with colleagues. Besides that, only conducting a walking meeting can also do wonders. It is scientifically proven that walking releases feel-good hormones, and thus, it fosters better physical and mental health of the employees.

On-site medical care or paramedical service:

Medical or paramedical care on-site can help the organisation to cut healthcare costs. It offers quick access to healthcare solutions for employees. Paramedical services at the workplace ensure that your employees will get immediate care during the working hours. It might reduce the number of sick leaves and help employees to focus on their work.

Organise nap and yoga session: Yoga reduces the stress level and incorporates self-care among the employees at the workplace. Having yoga classes twice per week at the office is an effective way to promote wellness. In addition to yoga, you can also add after-lunch naps for the employees. It refreshes them for the rest of the day at work. In countries like China and Japan, it is considered healthy to take a nap during the afternoon.

Encourage active and healthy employees: Employers can create an award to encourage healthy employees in the organisation. It will allow the employees to vote for their energetic and vigorous colleague. This award will make their peers aware of the wellness programs in the organisation and promote well-being across the organisation.

Healthy employees perform better than an ordinary employee resulting in more productivity and less turnover. Promoting wellness also provides the following benefits to the employees:

  • Employee engagement in a fun, informative and other wellness activities will increase. The employees socialise with their peers and work together towards the betterment of the organisation.
  • It fosters team spirit and builds interest among the employees to have a healthy and energetic lifestyle while maintaining a work-life balance.
  • Such wellness program reinforces the concerns of the employer about the well-being of their employees. The employers can rest assured of being around healthy employees and encourage them to focus more on productivity.
  • On-site health camps for employees help the employer know the status of their well-being and enable him/her to better understand as well as work towards improving the efficiency of the employees.
  • Yoga, meditation and happiness programs allow the employees to feel good about their workplace and love what they do. It brings positivity in their behaviour and helps them evolve as leaders in the workplace.

In all, the successful implementation of wellness program results in the company’s success with fewer employees changing the job or falling sick. Having proper healthcare and ambulance service at the workplace further improves the possibilities of treating or tackling the illnesses or injuries of employees and reinforces employees trust in the organisation.

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