Have a UFE Procedure to Help Manage Your Fibroids

Fibroids are a matter of concern for many women, especially when they reach certain levels. The symptoms of the problems could make you unable to accomplish some of your favorite activities in and out of your household. However, Alate Health has come up with ways to reduce fibroids’ growth to help you lead a better life. There are many benefits when you find a uterine fibroid embolization in Houston, TX expert to obtain relief from pain. Get your Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) and redefine your life.

What Are the Methods Used to Provide a UFE?

A UFE is one of the medical methods you can enjoy having, although only a few people can enjoy going to the hospital for any procedure. However, unlike ordinary surgeries, UFEs are less painful and provide many long-term benefits. Your doctor uses the procedure to reach your internal parts of the reproductive system and reduce the size of fibroids. The procedure begins with an incision using a tiny catheter that goes into your groin region. The catheter helps starve the fibroids of nutrients, a move that gradually reduces their negative influence on your life.

UFE is a tried and tested procedure that has helped many women. Figures over the years have documented that up to 90% of people have witnessed a change in their lives.

Does a UFE Require a Professional?

Yes, all medical procedures require an expert to ensure you are safe during and after the procedure. Alate Health offers the procedure with the help of a certified intentional radiologist whose duty is to help eliminate fibroids’ symptoms. Dr. Doe, the main doctor at the center of the treatment, has daily appointments to carry out the procedure with a significantly high success rate, meaning you have a greater chance to improve the quality of your life.

Can Having a UFE Change the Quality of Your Life?

Apart from the many benefits of the procedure, it uses less effort and tools to reach into your reproductive system; it has many other benefits. When you walk into Alate Health, you will get all the information needed for the procedure. However, the most notable advantages include:

  • The procedure allows you to keep your uterus.
  • No scarring.
  • You will return to your usual activities in a few days.
  • You will not need hospital admission.
  • You reduce your chance of heavy menstrual issues.
  • Has shown up to 90% satisfaction in most patients.
How Do You Know That You Are a Candidate for UFE?

Most women who select this procedure often want to avoid surgeries. Other issues to look at before having the procedure are your fertility and your medical risk appetite. However, your doctor will take you through the procedure and provide you with a basis to make your decision.

Benefits from a UFE offered by Alate Health will improve your quality of life. The procedure can help you avoid surgery and get you back to work quicker. Commence your journey to better reproductive health by calling or book your appointment online.

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