Genetic Acne Running in the Family? Here is How to Deal With It


You’ve stayed faithful to washing your face with gentle cleansing agents. You’re still faithful to what your dermatologist recommends by putting to a bare minimum the number of skincare products you use. But yet, nothing seems to change. Your face is still all covered in breakouts that are quite irritating to you.

Chances are you’re right with every approach you are exploring. However, the problem may lie in your genetic makeup. While there may be no specific gene for acne, tendencies of acne running in families are quite common. If one of your parents had problems dealing with acne, he or she might have passed that problem on to you.

Acne Passed from Mothers

This likelihood is more increased if your mother experienced an acne problem. It is believed the X chromosome is the one most involved in the passing down of acne. All in all, the absence or presence of acne shouldn’t be a basis to determine paternity. A DNA paternity test remains the only way to ascertain parenthood.

What Causes Acne

Many factors cause acne. It happens when your skin pores are blocked by oil, bacteria, or other dead cells. Also, the way immune systems react to acne-causing bacteria results in acne development.

Genetic acne that runs in families also has its significant causes. The notable one is where members of a given family having a genetic trend of overproducing dead cells. This culminates in blockage of skin pores, causing acne.

Genetic tendencies to overproduce sebum is also common among members of some families. Suchpeople have oily skin, which traps bacteria in the skin pores. This is also known to result in major breakouts on the skin.

Other breakouts on the skin are majorly hormone-driven. A genetic predisposition to produce surplus androgen is also a cause of acne on your face.

Preventing Acne

Whether genetic or not, acne prevention is easy and possible. Many methods are proven to treat the severity of breakouts on your skin. Let’s explore a few of them below;




Green Tea is the Real Deal

Green tea is a proven treatment that reduces acne by more than 50 percent. It can also slow down the production of sebum from your body. Whichever way it’s used, green tea is a natural anti-inflammatoryyou should consider for acne treatment. You may choose to drink or apply it on the face in the form of lotion or cream.

Anti-Acne Diet is Very Helpful

What you feed on will most likely influence the severity and frequency of breakouts on your skin. Therefore, an anti-acne diet that consists of less junk is the key to acne prevention. Milk is also linked to causing acne. Fish, cereals, and other antioxidant-rich foods are good, especially if genetic acne runs in your family.

Final Thought

Sometimes it may be challenging to establish if genetic acne runs in the family. However, if you understand your genetic predisposition to skin breakouts early, it becomes much easier to take prevention measures.

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