Exercise and the Journey to Eternal Youth

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to remain physically fit and mentally active, yet that tends to be the last thought of a growing generation. One of the standout points by fitness experts at gyms in port st lucie is that adequate and regular physical activity offers significant anti-aging benefits, unfortunately, this simple solution tend to be ignored.

Doctors say there is an inverse relationship between physical activity and the development of diseases, yet with only 1.5 hours of aerobic exercise a week, 40 chronic diseases can be prevented, and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease decreases by 50 percent. Increasing daily activities reduces the probability of suffering from diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, heart attack, diabetes, and tumors. But it also improves the metabolism, which helps with fat loss. Even more importantly, strength and endurance are one of the countermeasures for an aging body.

Combating Old Age with Movement

As we age, we are faced with a series of physical and psychological problems that affect all the organs of our body. This is a progressive attrition, a completely natural and inevitable process that, however, can be slowed down and dealt with in a number of effective ways. Climbing stairs, for example, becomes more and more arduous but those that perform strength training typically don’t succumb to this problem, even late in their senior years. Physical exercise, if performed consistently ensures that not only is degeneration limited, but even in some cases completely regresses. Researchers at the Sackler School of Medicine at the University of Tel Aviv, have shown how muscle stem cells, over the years gradually decrease, but physical training slows the process down.

Improving Your Strength and Endurance

To improve muscle strength, training two to three times a week is ideal. The training should be arranged so that the different exercises strengthen the arms and legs. Fitness experts point out that you should increase the number of repetitions slowly. And it is very important that you do not overextend yourself, if something hurts you, you should stop immediately. If you feel sore muscles one day after your workout, you should not practice again until it has subsided.

In addition to general endurance training such as walking or cycling, fitness trainers say seniors should be lifting weights and swimming. When the body is in water, it’s lighter and moves freely, without risking an injury. Since water resistance is six times higher than that on land, when it comes to muscular work, even though very simple exercises, venous circulation is improved, and the results are quick. Also, the activity in the water, especially if warm, promotes muscle and psychological relaxation, relieving pain, stiffness and stress. Lastly, yoga and Pilates are also forming of “gentle gymnastics” particularly suitable for any age. The movements are controlled and gentle, and can tone abdominals, lumbar and back muscles. Regular exercise not only increases strength, balance and motor stability, and helps maintain bone density, but anyone can easily improve their physical condition without much effort.

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