Easiest Ways to Become Tobacco Free

We can all agree that tobacco cravings could lead to severe withdrawal effects that most people cannot handle cold turkey. The urge to smoke can be as powerful as heroin addiction and even more significant since you can legally buy it.

That is the main reason why you should find ways to resist these cravings. As soon as the urge happens, you need to remember that it will pass in ten minutes tops.

Of course, they are as intense as they can be, so each time you resist the craving, you will be able to be one step closer to quitting. You should check out Quit Chewing Community’s official website, to understand the importance of doing it by yourself.

We decided to present you tricks to resist so that you can reduce the health disadvantages that come with chewing or smoking tobacco.

1.Use Nicotine Replacement

You should take the nicotine replacement therapy, but the only way to start with it is to talk with your general physician. The common options are:

  • Over-the-counter nicotine lozenges, gums, and patches
  • Prescription nicotine in the form of an inhaler or nasal spray
  • Prescription anti-smoking meds such as varenicline or bupropion

You can also start by using the short-term replacement strategies that include nasal spray or inhalers. That way, you will be able to overcome the cravings during the first few weeks.

Remember that these therapies are safe to consume in combination with prescription meds or long-acting nicotine patches. In some situations, people decide to choose electronic cigarettes as an efficient alternative to traditional smokes.

The main problem is that you will become addicted to chemicals inside the E-cigarettes, which means that you will just substitute addictions. Generally, it is much better to find alternatives for quitting without nicotine additions, instead of using them altogether.

2.Reduce the Common Triggers

Urges tend to happen based on ritualistic moments you preferred before you quit. Remember what the situations are when you had to smoke or chew the tobacco. For instance, most people connect the smoke with drinking coffee or alcohol, which is why you should avoid these two.

The best way to reduce the cravings is by learning about your trigger moments ahead. That way, you should conduct a strategy to avoid them altogether so that you can prevent the need to smoke along the way.

For instance, if you smoked while you talking on the phone, you should take the pen and paper and do something else with your hands during those moments. You should check here to learn everything about tobacco in general.

3.Try To Use Delay Affirmations

Tobacco cravings are significant and challenging to overcome, which is why you should tell yourself to wait for at least ten minutes before you relapse. During that particular period, you should find ways to distract yourself.

Finally, you will notice that after ten minutes, your urge will go away, and you will successfully stop. At the same time, try to go to smoke-free zones and use distractions to stop the cravings.

4.Chew Something Else Instead

The tobacco urge is problematic for most people, which is why you should find healthier alternatives that will help you neglect the idea that you are not using it. For instance, you can use hard candy or sugarless gum to avoid the compulsion of having something to chew as before.

You can also start consuming sunflower seeds, nuts or celery, which will provide you the overall satisfaction without the need for nicotine.

5.Avoid Having Just One

The common reason for relapse is the thought that you will have just a single cigarette. To satisfy the craving, you will constantly fight the temptation of getting just one cigarette to slow down the urge.

Remember that consuming one cigarette is the common misconception your brain tells you when it requires nicotine. One will lead to another, and you will end up at the same moment as you were beforehand.

6.Physical Activity and Relaxation Techniques

The best way to distract you from tobacco craving intensity is by physical activity. Even short ones are effective such as getting down and up the stairs will help you control the urge you are having.

At the same time, the craving will go away if you implement a healthy lifestyle that will help you along the way. In case you are at the office or home, you can do other things such as pushups, running in place or walking up and down.

This particular guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Stop-Smoking-Instantly will help you stop smoking as soon as possible.

In case you do not want to implement a physical activity, try to do something else including journaling, woodwork, needlework or prayer. Just to the household chores such as filing paperwork, vacuuming, and you will distract yourself.

The main reason why people smoke is to relieve stress, which is why you should find ways to practice relaxation techniques. We are talking about muscle relaxation, deep breathing, visualization, yoga, meditation or listening to music that calms you down.

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