A Reality Check on Exercise

Several times a year, we confidently dole out a great exercise routine and diet plan. The notion of exercise and nutrition is very personal in nature. Every person’s approach towards their bodies is different. In general, there are two types of people – the first kind are goal-oriented when it comes to losing weight, for example, to look good for a wedding; and the second kind are those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work out throughout their lives. While the former aim to achieve big goals in a short period of time, the latter aim for slow and steady permanence. Which side are you on?

While both are different approaches to fitness, what’s common between them is the inconsistency in sticking to a plan. The truth is that everyone struggles to strike a balance between their work, social, and personal lives. As priorities change, so do their schedules. When extravagant gym memberships go to waste and you’re nowhere close to your year-end goal, it is time to consider renting some workout essentials and trying an at-home fitness regime that will not be bound by time, money, or excuses.

The benefits of renting equipment for home use are plenty. Whether you’re losing baby weight, or recovering from an injury, you can accommodate your special requirements by picking the right plan and equipment.

  • Privacy – A gym workout is a social affair. It can motivate some to push harder while it can deter someone else’s progress drastically. Go for the rental option if you’re the kind of person who enjoys the comfort of a fuss-free, private workout and does not miss all the staring and small talk.
  • Save money – Say, you plan to exercise only for 3 months. Hire equipment only for the days you’ve scheduled for working out. With easy pick-up, installation, maintenance and cancellation policies, you can leave your guilt-ridden worries of overpaying and missing out behind.
  • Save time – You save up on the stress and travel time to and from the gym. Now, all you need to do is hop out of bed, put on your shoes, play some music to get you all pumped up, and start training. And no more waiting in line for a machine that is taken!
  • Efficient fat burning – The average person can shed most body fat by regular cardio training and a good diet. Renta Centre’s exercise bike hire facility is ideal for a low-impact, high-intensity Use it for strength and endurance training for burning fat, rehabilitation or active mobilization. Choose a stationary bike that suits your height, weight, posture and special needs.
  • Upgraded equipment – Forget the fuss of old, unusable equipment rusting in your basement for years. You can now order the newest, most updated machines and accessories at any time.
  • Ease of moving – For people who move cities often, it is always convenient to hire gym supplies, peruse them and have them picked up when it is time to shift, without having to transport heavy-duty items from one house to another.
  • Vacation time off – If you’re a frequent traveller, take time off from your rental plan during the days you’re not around. Why pay for the equipment when you’re not using them?

Whether you set up a home gym, take a gym membership, or go for the rental facility, there are pros and cons to all three options. Set realistic expectations and pick the best solution for you. With all the incredible options available in the fitness industry today, you’re only a few choices away from your best, healthy self.



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