6 Easy and Effective Ways to Increase Vitamin D

Sunshine doesn’t only make for a beautiful day, it’s essential for your overall health. The sun is rich in vitamin D but with more people working indoors and adopting sedentary lifestyles, it can be hard to reap the many benefits it provides.

Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy and it works by regulating the calcium and phosphate levels in the body. It’s recommended that people receive about six hundred International Units a day and there are a few easy ways you can achieve this dosage plus more.

Read on for six ways you can increase vitamin D intake today.

  1. Supplements

One of the easiest ways to boost your vitamin D levels is with supplements. It’s best to consult with a doctor before adding any new vitamins into your regimen to make sure that it’s safe for your personal health. You doctor may prescribe a stronger dosage for you or give you the okay to use over the counter vitamin D.

There are several vitamin brands available that supply vitamin D supplements but not all are effective. Vitamin D supplements from Vitabiotics however have proven to be highly effective and increase users’ levels quickly.

  1. Change Diet

If you’re not interested in taking supplements, you can change the way you eat and get more vitamin D through your foods.

Foods rich in vitamin D include fatty fish, mushrooms, egg yolks, and yogurt to name a few. Following a healthy and balanced diet filled with these items can help ensure that your levels not only increase but remain at the recommended level.

  1. Workout Outdoors

Another easy way to get more vitamin D is through outdoor workouts. By walking, running, doing yoga, or a high intensity interval training regularly you could quickly see an improvement in your vitamin D levels.

Not only is it beneficial to your intake, but it also will improve your overall health and fitness and help you gain muscle.

  1. UV Lamp

Investing in a UV lamp is a good way to ensure that you get vitamin D while maintaining your busy lifestyle.

These lamps emit a similar type of ultraviolet radiation that the sun does making it a great alternative to outdoors. You can simply place the lamp in your workspace and reap the same benefits that natural sunlight provides.

  1. Regular Outside Time

Mixing your everyday activities with the outdoors can be extremely effective in boosting vitamin D levels.

Try switching up your routine and schedule in regular outside time. It could be as simple as spending your afternoons answering emails outside, reading in the park, or simply relaxing in the sun. Try and make a conscious effort to change your scenery from time to time, it’s both exciting and healthy!

  1. Sweet Treats

Lastly, you can incorporate sweet treats into your day as a way to get more vitamin D. Not any sweet treats though, but smoothies made with ingredients that are rich in the vitamin.

You can indulge in these drinks at any time of the day and they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and vitamin D dosage.

Increase Vitamin D, Increase Happiness

We hope that you found our list of ways to increase vitamin D helpful and begin incorporating some of the techniques into your life. If you need an extra boost, try mixing a few items together for better results.

When you increase vitamin D levels, you improve your overall health and that’s something to smile about!

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