5 Secrets Of An Anti-Aging Health Lifestyle

Anti-aging Health Has Become So Trendy, Even Teenagers Worry About Anti-Wrinkle CuresIt is all the rage now days: Anti-aging meals, anti-aging skin creams, treatments, anti-aging health spas, and the list goes on. Anti-aging health has become so trendy, even teenagers worry about anti-wrinkle cures and wonder about the latest ‘secret’ lotions and potions.Back when I became interested in this so called anti-aging movement, it was simply known as ‘prevention’. I remember reading ‘Prevention’ magazine with fascinating interest, the whole time thinking it was all about going back to basics stuff, the typical you are what you-eat, kind- of- concept. The magazine would feature articles about the direct relationship between body chemistry and nutrition; titles like: eating right to stay healthy, Nutrition- the healthy aging solution, and the importance of vital nutrients to prevent wrinkles were published on a monthly basis.In other words: optimal nutrition as a direct influence on health and disease prevention.

Fast forward 15-20 years: Enters The Anti-Aging Health Revolution.As the saying goes; The more things change, the more they remain the same. Things sure are the same when it comes to fitness, nutrition, wellness, and disease prevention. It still revolves about the issue of prevention. During these 20 years, technology has advanced at amazing speed, and the Neutraceutical industry has introduced many great products in the market contributing to this revolution.They all have the same goal in mind: Prevention.The Anti-Aging Health ‘Secrets’ have always been out there for us to discover… During your own quest for health, fitness and prevention, keep in mind that the main secrets for anti-aging health are nothing more than preventive measures that continually strengthen your immune system keeping your body strong and ready for battle:1 – Feed Your Genes Right Follow the universal law of Human Physiology. Nationality, race, ancestry. Who cares? Your body needs the basic nutrients and in the most proportionate quantities as possible to sustain life: Carbs, Fats, and Proteins. We all know that, but for anti-aging purposes, these nutrients must be optimized (Complex carbs vs Simple Carbs/ Healthy Fats vs Saturated… you get the picture) but most importantly, the most natural and non-processed your meals, the better. Examples: raw fruits-no juices- (digestion starts in your mouth) and veggies, whole wheat grains, and no deli meats.2 – Eat Organic Whenever possible, buy organic foods. They are a bit more expensive, but worth it.3 – Eat several smaller meals throughout the day Do your best not to skip breakfast, and eat a small portion of protein source with each meal. This is particularly important, as junk carbs are usually easier to access. Eating this way will keep blood sugar levels constant avoiding dangerous sugar highs and lows,which ultimately lead to fatigue and more sugar cravings; speaking of which… a low glycemic food diet is highly important, it plays a major role in anti-aging health and diabetes prevention.

Ideally, 60-70% of your diet should be fresh fruits and raw or cooked veggies, and the rest 25-40% should include grains, beef, poultry and fish. Keeping processed food at a minimum.4 – Have Your Daily Supplements However you prefer to add them to your diet: pills, liquids, powders, ready-mix etc. Just do it.5 – Exercise Start thinking seriously about exercising… Find an activity you enjoy. Think there’s nothing you would enjoy? Think again, and think very hard, because you might be surprised once you start doing something you thought you’d never do, next thing you know you’re loving it. Exercise is great for anti-aging health. It literally rejuvenates you almost instantly.Yeah, I know you skeptics out there thinking, sure, hmm… But, it is so true! If you haven’t moved for years, be patient. Good things come to those who wait!… your body will adjust miraculously fast, and the soreness or whatever discomfort will be gone fairly quickly. I promise.

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