4 Essential Functions That You Want in a Fitness Center App

With more people using their smartphones to manage everything from finding a restaurant to managing a membership at a local health club, it makes sense to offer your clients the right app to go with the services offered at your gym or spa. Since not two apps are exactly alike, you want to make sure the one you choose will be useful to each client. Doing so will also give you an edge in a competitive field, and could be the difference between a prospect remaining a mindbody client and choosing to become a member of your gym.

Checking In and Out With Ease

Don’t consider any app that won’t allow your clients to check in as they enter your gym or health club. The goal is to ensure the app makes it possible to log in and indicate they are present. Instead of having to sign in at a front desk, they get to move directly to the locker room and get ready to work out or participate in a class. That app should make checking out at the end of their visit equally simple.

Quick and Easy Customer Support

Nothing is quite as frustrating to a client as needing help and not being able to reach someone who can provide the necessary assistance. You are aware of some of the challenges others have faced when dialing the mindbody phone number for customer service and finding themselves lost in the shuffle. Before you offer any app, confirm that clients with questions or concerns can be helped without delays.

Registering and Paying for Special Services or Events

A great thing about the right app is each client can receive notifications about new classes or special events you are planning. Ideally, they should be able to register for those events through the app. When it’s also possible to pay any fees or charges associated with the registration, that’s all the better.

The app should also allow your clients to request personal training sessions with ease. Once the request is matched with a trainer and a time is set, make sure the app lets the client remit any payment assessed for booking the private session. If the app provides a confirmation of the session and the payment via email or text, that’s all the better.

Offering a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are something many clients enjoy. The app should allow you to structure the program so clients earn points for participating in certain events or rewarding them for using your gym or spa a certain number of times each month. The fact that they can track their points via the app is one more way you motivate them to keep coming back.

Compare apps closely and identify the one that provides the most stability, has support for your clients, and is easy to use. Since everyone benefits, the right app improves the chance that you and your clients will be together for a long time.

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