Ido Fishman Says Multiple Types of Exercises Are Great for Fitness

When you think of becoming fit, looking great, and staying healthy, what type of exercise or lifestyle do you imagine? Do you imagine yourself running in the park every morning? Do you imagine yourself lifting heavy weights in the gym? Or you just imagine yourself avoiding junk foods? What if you were told that none of those methods was great for you to be fit? The best fitness experts in the world believe that you have to combine multiple types of exercises to get the best results.

Ido Fishman is one of the strongest speakers on this subject. He believes that doing only one type of exercise will improve only the aspect that the exercise has been designed for. However, you want to have a holistic approach at all times to not only be fit from the inside but also look great on the outside. Can you really do that? Let’s find out.

Exercises for Body Functions

Some of the exercises are meant only to improve your body functions. You can specifically talk about aerobics in this category. To define these exercises in the simplest way possible, you can say that they are supposed to increase your heartbeat. The best example of such an exercise would be running or jumping. As soon as you start running, you will notice that your blood has started to circulate faster, you are breathing faster, and your body starts to warm up. These exercises help your internal organs receive ample blood flow.

They are meant to keep you healthy on the inside. However, you might not look your best when you do aerobics. You will develop great stamina, but the overall shape of your body might not be something that you will be able to admire a lot. That’s why aerobics are not enough for most people.

Exercises for a Beautiful Body

These are exercises that are meant to make your body look beautiful. They will help your muscle bulk up and tone them. You can talk about toning and weight lifting in this particular category. Bodybuilding is most about looking great than it is about improving your body functions. When you lift weight, you are primarily working on your muscles. When you deadlift 80 kilograms off the ground, it has nothing to do with your heart, liver, lungs or other internal organs. However, it helps you build muscles. As a result, you are able to perform daily lifting tasks easily.

More importantly, it will help you work on a specific set of muscles in your body, making them look big and great. Ido Fishman says that he has designed multiple types of programs for this very purpose. He also tries to explain to his trainees why different types of exercises have different outcomes.

Exercises for Increasing Flexibility

When performing daily chores, you might feel muscle cramps too often. This could be the result of aging or because of the fact that you don’t move your body a lot. When you don’t move your body enough, you lose flexibility in your muscles. This results in cramps and tears in your muscles when you perform even the simplest lifting tasks in your daily life. For this reason, you need to do some exercises for flexibility as well.

To achieve this goal, you have a completely different set of exercises. On the top of the list you have Yoga. Yoga has become a norm in the modern world with its subscribers living in every part of the world.

Final Thoughts

Ido Fishman says that you should not just be strong on the inside, but you should also look that way from the outside. Think about your teeth for example. You don’t just want them to be strong, but you also want them to look white and sparkly. You can do the same with your body if you combine the right types of exercises. That’s where the professionals from Ido Fishman’s fitness training programs can really help you.

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