How to Buy Fitness Supplements Safely Online for New Users

The number one reason American adults take supplements is for health benefits.

Did you know people who take dietary supplements are more likely to practice other healthy habits?

Regardless of your reasoning for taking supplements, the right ones can improve your quality of life.

Want to protect against heart disease? Look into fish oil.

Struggle with insomnia? Melatonin might help with your sleeplessness.

But, buyer beware. It’s easy to fall into the supplement scam trap.

New to supplements? From simple multivitamins to fitness-boosting branch chain amino acids, how do you buy fitness supplements safely online? Read on for a step-by-step guide to buying supplements online.

Step 1: Ask Yourself Why Need It

With any new medication or substance you take, there will always be a risk. So, before you go on your supplement-buying journey, ask yourself if you need it.

If you feel tired all the time or want to lose weight, have you looked for other solutions first? Address underlying health issues and major lifestyle changes before looking towards supplements.

Remember that supplements improve your health rather than fix bigger problems. For example, probiotics can improve gut health, but they won’t fix chronic intestinal issues.

If you’re pregnant or have underlying health issues, you shouldn’t take supplements without your doctor’s approval.

Step 2: Speak With Your Doctor

Always consult your doctor before taking supplements. He or she will know best which ones to avoid.

Certain ingredients can also have volatile interactions. Your doctor can help with which supplements to take that don’t affect any current medications.

Speaking with a doctor is the most surefire way to know if you need supplements. They can take bloodwork to see what vitamins and nutrients lack in your diet.

After starting the new supplement, always follow up with your doctor. He or she can track any improvements and let you know if you should change the dosage.

Step 3: Choose Reputable Brands

With online buying, you might come across thousands of different names for the same product. This can be overwhelming to the new supplement buyer.

By sticking to reputable brand names, you narrow your choices down and can rest assured your supplements are safe. When in doubt, check if the brand carries certification from agencies like the FDA. While buying from the brand might cost more, the price tag comes with peace of mind.

Look for brands that offer guaranteed returns. Brands backed by medical research with lots of positive reviews are your best bet.

A few claims that most often lead to scams are those that tout massive weight loss, sexual enhancements, and ‘miracle cures.’ See a supplement that claims to prevent cancer? Be scam aware!

Step 4: Read the Labels

If you only follow one rule when buying supplements online it’s this: Always, always read the labels. And, read them well.

The front label often appears with hyperbolic claims like ‘Lose 20lbs in 1 week!’ These marketing tools can distract from the actual ingredients of the product. Read the ingredients and make sure they live up to what the product claims.

Another important factor to consider is dosage. Products with ‘extreme’ dosages of one supplement don’t always make it more effective.

In fact, high intakes of certain supplements can backfire. A regular dose of Vitamin A helps eyesight, but high enough doses can lead to bone fractures.

Step 5: Minimize Extra Ingredients

Less is more in the supplement world. Harmful preservatives, fillers, and additives can cause long-term health problems. The FDA provides a list of tainted supplements to avoid when shopping online.

Furthermore, it might be tempting to buy an ‘all-in-one’ type supplement. Why pay $30 for vitamin C when you can pay $40 for vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin B12? Well, a combination of many supplements usually means a lower dosage of each.

More ingredients mean a higher chance of negative side effects. Opt for trying one supplement at a time to see how it affects your health.

Step 6: Research, Research, Research

No matter what step of the process you’re at, you should always conduct thorough research. Can’t decide which protein will best enhance muscle building? Look online for reviews and in-depth analysis.

Once you pick a supplement, you should also research which brands are best. Have any been flagged as scams? Look for recalls or warnings.

Reading customer reviews of the product is a must. Choose products with lots of positive reviews, but make sure and check several reviewing sites to be sure. Remember that some companies pay for positive reviews so check a few websites.

Comparison shop brands and test many options before buying. Still unsure? You can always call the company and ask.

Step 7: Find Safe Websites

So, you know which supplements you want and you’ve spent a few hours researching. You picked out a reputable brand and are ready to order. Now what?

Tempting as it is to order discounted products from eBay or Amazon, this is the step where most people get scammed. Third-party sellers often try to sell you products that look identical to the real ones.

Watch out for any websites that make bold, hyperbolic claims. If a product looks too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure the website offers easy access to medical research and contact information.

Sites with little to no reviews that ask for lots of personal information are red flags. Buy from reputable websites like this store that has a clear buying and refund policy.

Buy Fitness Supplements Online Safely

Research. Take your time. Be skeptical.

Follow these three basic principles, and you’re well on your way to finding safe supplements online. Those who take supplements tend to sleep better, weigh less, and have a better quality of life. But, don’t let your quest for supplements land you in a scam.

Low prices and impressive claims might sound tempting, but may not always be true or safe. By following the steps outlined here, you can buy fitness supplements online with confidence. Before you know it, you’ll reach your health goals!

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