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One of the fastest growing industries in farming today is hemp. This product is derived from the cannabis plant but lacks the THC to get those who use it high. It can be found in clothing, jewelry, rugs and many other items. Here are a few steps to starting your own farm.

Large Plot of Land

As you learn more about growing this particular crop, you will discover that you need space to let it thrive. The plants themselves can cultivate in small spots but you will need to harvest a large amount of it to gain a profit. Look for land in a warm area with soil that drains well. Reach out to a real estate agent who specializes in farmland to help you find the best place to begin your farm. Once you have the acres to work with, you can get started.

Apply For Permits

In many states where growing hemp is allowed, you will have to have a license to do so. Set aside in your budget the amount you will need to pay in fees to purchase your permits. Allow the time it will take for them to arrive before you plan on planting. The winter months might be the best time to pursue this. Be aware that a background check might be done on you or anyone involved with your business.

Purchase Materials

Once you are approved to begin growing hemp, you will need to get the seeds to begin. Research where you can purchase these and the restrictions involved with shipping them to you. You will want to find someone who can sell these to you as close to your location as possible or you might have to plan a trip to pick them up yourself. Look for equipment to help care for and harvest the plants once they are ready. This may be difficult since this is a rather new type of crop. If you are having issues finding machinery, contact producers that will be willing to accept the full plant from you instead of the final harvested one. Also, be prepared to have your state officials drop by to test your hemp to ensure it falls in the correct classifications. It must fall within a certain range of THC to be considered hemp. If it is higher than it should be, you might be required to dispose of those plants and start again.

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