Top Benefits of Teletherapy

Psychological advice is essential for people with a physical, emotional, or mental issue. Unfortunately, some clients cannot access these services either because they live in remote areas, have mobility issues, or are much too occupied. Thus,  remote therapy is quickly becoming a necessity for most people in need of psychological counseling. Thriving Center of Psychology offers online video teletherapy in Miami to ensure no obstacle locks you out of their services.

Below are the advantages of accessing remote counseling at the comfort of your home:

Immediate access

If you need therapy, you can video your specific therapist or find someone readily accessible for an immediate session. You will get instant guidance through your device.


Privacy may vary on the geographical location of clients. On the other hand, teletherapy ensures maximum privacy each time you have a session. It removes the awkwardness created when a client and therapist have known each other from a point in their past or present.


The journey from your location to see your therapist can be stressful and frustrating. Some of the clients live in remote areas or find themselves in unexpected traffic as they commute. Challenges like these may make some miss their appointment. Teletherapy eliminates commuting issues. Clients also do not have to incur the cost of a parking ticket.

Low barrier to entry

Patients often attend one session and quit therapy. One of the challenges could be an awful experience in the initial appointment. In teletherapy, no one has to spend too much time in the waiting room as you access the session at the comfort of your home. One will likely continue with therapy if they have an easy first session.


Teletherapy is convenient for patients who are overworked or overcommitted. The psychologist can schedule an emergency session for clients who are on the verge of a mental breakdown and need services more often.

Access to disabled patients

Patients who are bedridden or have a chronic illness can access therapy sessions from the hospital or home. Some of the psychologist rooms may not be wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through or enough room to maneuver. These cases are common in older locations and historical buildings that are not ADA-accessible. Teletherapy assists this category of clients.

Patients have a choice of anonymity

Anonymity is the same reason people prefer confession boxes to express themselves instead of a therapist’s couch. Teletherapy gives patients a chance to remain nameless throughout the sessions and still get the help intended. Although there is patient-doctor confidentiality that therapists honor, online therapy offers clients assuredness.

Gives room for group therapy

Patients can opt for a group counseling session with other patients of their choice. They can be family, colleagues, or friends with a similar challenge. This applies especially to those who live far from each other.

Video therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. Thriving Center of Psychology offers counseling services to patients with mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, and eating disorders. If you need a therapy session and are hindered by any obstacle that affects in-person sessions, book an appointment, and get started.

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