Factors to consider when looking for Marijuana seeds

Growing marijuana can be a daunting task for beginners. Selecting the right cannabis seeds is not easy because there are many traits in the market. Some are dark-colored, while others are light. Also, some cannabis seeds turn to powder when exposed to high pressure, while others are strong. Regardless of the type of seeds you select, ensure they are of good quality.

You need to research well when before buying your seeds from I love growing marijuana site. Here are things you should consider when buying your marijuana seeds:

  1. Plant gender

Although this might seem unimportant to consider, it is very crucial. Only female plants produce weed buds that people can smoke. Hence if you are a weed enthusiast grower and want to cultivate marijuana for smoking purposes, you should select female and feminized seeds.

However, if you want to grow plants to consume or create new species, you should choose male or regular seeds. Thus when purchasing weed seeds, you should know why you are purchasing them.

  1. Seed look

A good way of determining the quality of cannabis seeds is by looking at their exterior. Some easily noticeable traits will help you choose the right cannabis seeds. For example, genetically quality marijuana seeds have a gray or dark outer shell. Good seeds have a wax covering appearance on their outward. You can detect the coating by looking at the seeds under a light. Seeds that have a shine effect are of good quality.

Good quality seeds have a strong texture. If the seeds do not break after squeezing it with your index finger, it means it is of good quality. But if it crashes, it is of low quality. Poor quality seeds have a green or white appearance. They take a long time to germinate and reach maturity. Obtaining high-quality seeds will assure you of excellent yields.

  1. Floating ability

If, after analyzing cannabis seeds’ appearance, you are not sure about their quality, you can do a floating test on seeds to be sure. Fill a container with water and put the cannabis seeds on the water surface. Seeds that remain floating have poor quality. In contrast, the seeds that drop to the bottom of the jar are of high quality. However, you should be patient when conducting the test and give the seeds enough time to absorb water to see results.

  1. Flowering time

When buying seeds, ensure you check the package to know their flowering time. Check whether they are thought to flower. Many cannabis farmers select seeds that take less time to bloom. A smaller flowering period ensures you have less time to fight plant diseases, mold, and pests.

  1. Plant height

The potential height of cannabis depends on whether you will grow it outdoors or indoors. Some strains grow so tall. If you are growing your marijuana indoors, you might consider choosing marijuana seeds that do not grow tall. But if you are growing your plants outdoors, you can select species that can reach maximum height.

  1. Growth difficulty

Cannabis plants are different. Some are naturally attacked by diseases, while others are resilient to fungus and can tolerate blunders like excess watering. If you are a beginner, ensure you choose cannabis strains that are easy to grow. But as an experienced grower, you can grow any type. Selecting a high resistance breed will make your work easier.

Bottom line

With many marijuana seed varieties in the market, it is good to consider some things to help you select the right seeds. If you are a beginner marijuana grower, it would be better to choose strains that are easy to grow. But as an experienced grower, you can try out different strains and compare which strains give you high yields.

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