Body Workout Techniques Outside A Gym

Membership in a gym is easy, and a more focused approach to body workout plans. But many fitness enthusiasts may not want to join a fitness club or a gym for various reasons like time constraints, monetary issues, or maybe because they don’t want to use the equipment for toning their body.

If you are one among them, don’t worry about your fitness goals. You can achieve them even outside the gym.

Fitness enthusiasts like Ali Ghani run for a healthy body in between his busy work schedule.

Here are the ways you can work out at home or anywhere outside a gym:

Walk or run: You can brisk walk or do a low intensity running outside your house or in a park nearby. The best thing about walking or running is that you can do them anytime during the day. But, if you do that early in the morning, you also get a dose of fresh oxygen that can elevate your mood and energize you for the day ahead.

Practice yoga: You can do floor stretches and mindful yoga asanas. With yoga asanas, you can achieve physical fitness as well as mental calmness. There are many breathing exercises to help you improve your mental and physical health. Tummo breathing exercise is one of them.

Read Ali Ghani Edmonton’s blog on Tummo Breathing and its benefits.

Do bodyweight exercises: Many bodyweight exercises can help you burn calories and build strength. You can pick up cardio or strength training or both. For cardio, you can do walking in one place or low-intensity jumping. And, mix it with pushups or squats and lunges for strength.

Join Zumba or Aerobic sessions: You can burn around 300 to 900 calories during one hour of high-intensity Zumba. You can combine 2-3 Zumba sessions in a week with your strengthening exercises to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Similarly, aerobic is a type of cardio exercise that can help you in significant weight loss. It includes walking, running, swimming, dancing and a lot more. These workout methods mixed with some music and beats, turn out to be more fun.

Use fitness audiovisuals: You can take help from exercise videos for a more structured home exercise. The problem is that there are plenty available on the internet, so choosing one can be confusing and a time taking process.

You can discuss with like-minded fitness enthusiasts and take recommendations. You can also make expert recommendations and gain more insights into the type of videos and home-based workouts.

No matter what way you choose to workout at home, warm up before you begin exercising to loosen up your muscles and pump your heart. It will bring you into the rhythm and help you exercise effectively.

Moreover, it will avoid any injury or overstretching of muscles leading to a tear.

You can jump around for five minutes to loosen up your joints and muscles and help them achieve maximum flexibility during a more strenuous workout.






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