Beta Alanine: The Right Dosage to Prevent Itching Sensation

Beta-alanine is an ideal supplement for athletics enthusiasts. It contains ingredients that help attain your peak performance and lessen muscle fatigue. However, enjoying the benefits depends on your dosage. If you take the correct dose, it will assist you to enjoy your goals. But if you get it wrong, you won’t get your desired benefits and could get itching. So you need to ensure you’re taking the right dosage.

How much beta-alanine should you take?

The right dose will depend on various factors, so it’s advisable to consult a doctor. But in general, the correct dose is;

  • Weeks 1-3: A loading phase

During the loading phase, the aim is to get sufficient bet-alanine into your muscle for the work. You can start with a higher amount and then cut it back afterward. You should take 2 grams of beta-alanine three times a day during this stage to increase carnosine concentration and avoid itching sensation. But why does beta-alanine cause an itching sensation?

  • Week 4: Maintenance

The ideal amount at week 4 is 2 grams of beta-alanine daily in a single serving. The amount will help greatly in your athletic performance without tingling issues.

If you want optimal results, you can increase the beta-alanine dosage. However, be careful, as an increase in dosage can lead to tingling. Also, take precautions if you’re pregnant or have liver or kidney disease. You can avoid the supplements during that period or consult your doctor for the correct dose under your condition.

Benefits of the correct beta-alanine dose

Using the correct beta-alanine dose is advisable for various reasons. You’ll be free from the side effects and enjoy various benefits such as:

  1. Better performance

Beta-alanine reduces fatigue, allowing you to exercise more. As such, you’ll achieve ideal workout goals and increase the number of sessions.

  1. Increase in workout volume

As discussed, beta-alanine reduces fatigue, allowing you to exercise more. It increases your time to exhaustion, enabling you to increase your workout volume.

  1. More strength

Beta-alanine will enhance your exercise performance. Therefore, you will have more strength and energy to sustain your workouts.

  1. Reduced fatigue

Beta-alanine increases carnosine concentration in your body. Carnosine helps in delaying fatigue, allowing you to exercise more before exhaustion.

  1. Better performance

You can enhance your performance without fatigue and with more strength. You’ll achieve ideal or unattainable goals when taking beta-alanine supplements.

  1. Increases endurance

Beta-alanine helps you endure extensive workouts during your activities. It results from low fatigue and will increase your performance and strength.

How to use the right amount of beta-alanine

You can apply various ways to ensure you are taking the right dose. Such techniques include:

  • Taking it as part of your pre or post-workout
  • Using it as a stand-alone product in single or multiple doses.
  • Using the sustained release version of beta-alanine.

When is the right time to take beta-alanine?

There is no specific time to take beta-alanine, as the dose timing doesn’t matter. Depending on your preference, you can take it as a pre or post-workout supplement. What matters is ensuring you’re taking the correct beta-alanine dose.


Beta-alanine is your ideal option if you want to enhance your training. It helps you train harder by reducing fatigue, enhancing endurance, and more. However, it can have adverse effects, such as itching, if you use the wrong dose. But if you apply the above guide, you’ll get enough of it without concerns.

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