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Muscle recovery is a determining factor for an athlete. There are many supplements to optimize muscle recovery, and it can sometimes be difficult to know which the best dietary supplements for recovery are.

If you want to quickly reach your goal, it is essential to train regularly, intensely and to put the odds in your favor to quickly recover from your session.Dietary Supplementcan help you with that, so let’s take a look at which are the best dietary supplements for recovery. Of course, Snacsupplements help, but are not a substitute for good nutrition and restful sleep.

What are the best supplements for muscle recovery?

Whey Protein

One of the best supplements for muscle recovery is Whey. Whey is a fast-absorbing protein, unlike casein which diffuses more slowly within the body.

However, a combined action makes it possible to optimize short-term bodybuilding recovery, immediately after the session but also in the longer term thanks to the action of casein. It happens to be a combination of Casein and Whey. According to a study carried out in 2006, the whey / casein combination allowed a significant gain in muscle mass and strength, with a gain in lean mass of 1.8 kg in ten weeks.


BCAAs or branched amino acids group together three essential amino acids (which cannot be synthesized by the body). These are leucine, isoleucine and valine. The usual dosage is 2: 1: 1. Which means that leucine will be twice as present as isoleucine and valine.

In bodybuilding, BCAAs are one of the best dietary supplements and have many benefits: improved recovery, reduced fatigue, participation in muscle building by increasing the rate of protein synthesis.


Glutamine or L-glutamine is an amino acid which is destroyed during exercise and difficult to synthesize by the body. This is why it is one of the best food supplements to recover from your workout.

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